Sandra & Culebra (2nd season of Ls Prtds) part 1 with Eng subtitles

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-Listen..well it's that... -What is it now?
That I am conceited? that I am a kid ?
The truth is that u are a little rude but..
-Because I just want to talk to u.. -Ok, and u will remember what u said?
Yes...yes, I will remember
Ok..then start
-Well.. -Forget it..forget it..besides, I have to put this on
-Why u didn't say it to her dude? u had her in front of u.. -I am not good at this Lucas
-At what? the street, we don't learn to say what we feel and these kind of things, ok?
In the street, we learn...that it is better not to say things that people can hurt u with..
otherwise, u will be damned..
-I can't make it..I am not good at saying to people what..what I feel for her -Well, with me..u dont have any problem in saying it
It's not the same
With her it is different..when I have her in front of me..
Damn! I can't!
And did u try to tell her without having her in front of u?
Hey sparkle girl..I know that u think that I am stupid..and well the truth is that right now, I feel quite stupid..
it is true that we say mean things to each other..and we are different..and we argue..
-And sometimes, we don't bare each other.. -We made it
but deep down...u know what is happening?
what I am not able to say to u is that...
knowing u..meeting u..changed my life..
and what is difficult for me to say to u is that..
it changed it for better
I have always been alone..I never had someone..
and I thought that I would stay like this for ever..
-But now, no... -I got u !
Do u know what is even more difficult for me to tell u?..
that thing that happens to u..the electric shocks, u know..
I dont care about it..I dont care..I want to be by ur side..
even if I will never be able to touch u,
I want to stay there by ur side..arguing, not knowing how to tell u things, making u angry..
only if u want
Damn! u scared me!
I thought that u were Antonio..
How is it going?
Well..before, for a moment, I made it..
but what is happening, is that..with the isn' isn't working..
I think that Culebra is right..
and I shouldn't go to the swimming pool
This is what Culebra told u?
Do u know how many times I got bumped into the walls before crossing the first one?
Ok..but u..if u dont make it, u will hurt urself a little..
but me..I will electrocute half of the class..
yes but maybe the reason is that..u are always thinking that u will harm others..
If u weren't thinking that way, u would maybe be able to make it..
and how am I supposed to do that?
With..with who?
With someone that u can't hurt
Close ur eyes
Visualize somethg that makes u feel good
and u touch him..
and u realize that u are not harming him..
because u control ur skill..
Now, open ur eyes
You wet me completely!
and i will wet u even more !
Stop now..stop wetting me!
Now it's's the moment..
Calm down..dont be afraid..
-Will u let me enter?! -Culebra get the hell out of here and leave me alone!
Sandra open the door!
-Why are u here? to tell me "I already told u, i was right and u were wrong"?
-Well very good, u already said it to leave me alone.. -No!
-No what? -I am not leaving and I didnt come to tell u this!
So then why did u come?!
-Well to see if u were still angry about what happened in the swimming pool ! -Are u talking about the fact that I was about to kill Paky or that I can never be normal?
What an obsession with being normal..dont u think so?
Well look..I will tell u one, I dont want to be normal..
because if we were normal, u and me wouldn't have met each other..
U dont understand it Culebra..
U dont know how is it painful to want to touch someone so much and not being able to do it..
Yes I do know..
-This is for kids, dont u think so? -No
Do u know what is it about?
Well, it is about a girl and a boy that are always arguing with each other..
But deep down, they are in love.. their story is impossible..
she gets engaged to a prince..
-She is quite a jerk, dont u think so? -No
because she doesn't love the prince, she is just pretending in front of people..
but there isn't a day where she doesnt think about the guy that she really loves..
ok and him, what does he do?
well him who..
who is quite stupid..
is dying of jealousy
because he doesn't know what she really feels for him..
and at the end what happens?
At the end?
At the end, they..they kiss each other
Well..will u read it?
It's that I dont know much about's not the kind of books that I usually read..
But..but the truth is that the end is cool
Very much
-Well now that u control (ur powers), u can do what others do, like going out at night -Well, I am not yet able to control perfectly..
and besides, the most important for me isn't that
and what is the most important for u?
to be able to touch..
to be able to touch people
Yes, people
But well, I will not be able to do that before learning how to control my nerves..
-Well I am sorry Sandra -Why?
because I think that what I will tell u now will stress u out a little
Look, me..I never had a normal life..
I dont know how many things work..
I never had friends
So when I met u..and i started to spend a little bit of time with u..well..
I thought that i what i felt for u is friendship..
but i think it is not
it is not the same as when I am with Lucas or Carlitos..
it is something more..
it is much more than that
Sandra..I think I am in love with u
-Damn! -But what are u doing ?
I burned myself
Let me see
-I am sorry's that I dont have my mind with me -I already can see that..i already can see that
What happened? did u fight with Jimena or what?
The soonest u tell me about it, the soonest we can start working
Me..I have a friend..who has a problem..
-A friend? which friend?? if nobody enters your house?! -A friend Rosa..of childhood..
-I speak with him in the phone.. -And what is happening to him? Infidelity? unemployment? tax evasion?
My friend likes a woman..
-and this woman is having a tough period.. -Really? and why?
Well..because she is separated (from her husband)
-and..recently.. -Yes..
my friend and this woman spend a lot of time together..
-and of course, they are so close that.. -Yes..
a close contact starts..and with a close contact..well, u know..
-and..u are saying that this woman left her husband, right? husband left her..
and my friend now, wants to do things well..but he thinks also that she is the most wonderful person in the world..
and he is so close (to her), that..
that he can't control himself..
If only she was seeing him in the same way
Prepare more meringue!
-Hi Mario! u, here? -Yes..we said at 5..right? is it going? let's go! what do I have to do?
-Well..I dont know..I dont know..grate me a carrot -Ok
-Listen Mario..when u were talking to me about ur friend, were u serious? -Which friend?
-O yea..yes..why? turned out too I have a friend with the same circumstances but it's the opposite..
She is married too and she is having a tough time..
a very tough time
Her husband left her a few weeks ago..
and then suddenly, she started to notice that one of her friends..
was flirting with the beginning, she thought that it was an outrageous thing because she is a very decent woman but then she thought..
and why not?
-And they slept together.. -Of course not Mario!
who do u think I am?! I mean who du think she is?! my friend
This man is married
-Well it looks complicated.. -Well yes..
But u already know..her husband leaves her, her children are less often at home..
and each time, she felt lonelier..but of course she didnt let him seduce her fiercely as if they were savages..
Before she wanted him to demonstrate to her that he was serious..
she needed a proof
-A proof? -Yes..women like to receive something nice but to know if it is..from the heart
I dont know..something special..that makes her very happy
It is a good idea!
I will think about it..I mean I will tell my friend..
to think about what will please the woman that he is in love with..
Well..I dont know what this woman likes..but my friend likes pearls
And how is called the ex-husband of ur friend?
By curiosity..
Mario..what is happening?
Nothing..nothing is happening..
Lucas..I am screwed!
I think..I think that..I declared myself to the neighboor!
-What?? u declared urself to Rosa?! -Can u lower ur voice ?!
It was a confusion..
she thought that I was flirting with her and instead of slapping me, well..
-She got trapped! -She got trapped? where?
She entered Lucas! she likes me..she flirted with's that Rosa Rubano wants to have an affair with me!
Damn! but well u have to tell her the truth right?
-u have to tell her that this is a misunderstanding -A misunderstanding??
This woman for a misunderstanding threw her husband out of home, imagine what she can do with me!
we are talking about our landlady Lucas! about my chief!
about Rosa Rubano, damn!
It's that Jimena was right..
Dont involve urself in a business with this lady..but..
and if u leave her? tell her that u can do this to Jimena..that it's ur wife..
Yes..I already thought of it..what is happening is that..
She is so lonely..
she missed so much her husband Antonio that..
I dont want to break her heart..let's see I am not saying that she in love with me but..
u know..people like to be have be loved even if it is with the neigboor in front..
-and..and why not..if u can't leave her, u ler her leave u? -and how is this done smart guy?
well in the same way that I let them leave me completely..
by being a freak..
but Rosa Rubano doesnt even know what this means..
but I can turn myself into the kind of men that she hates..
-Rosa Rubano is very traditional -Conservative..straight..
-and decent.. -decent..
very but very very very very decent..
Yes or no?
In what are u thinking?
Mario please..dont do these things and get me frightened..this is why the door bells exist..
It's that we are like two drops of water..
What is happening to u? are u alright?
No Rosa..I am not alright..
we have to talk
Of what?
of me..of u..of ur friend..of my friend..of us Rosa..
of us
-Rosa -What?
Why to delay smthg that is inevitable?
-Rosa -What?
What we feel cant be stopped anymore..
Let's finish at once with this mockery..
Give me a kiss
Let go! but..but have u gone mad or what?
Yes Rosa..yes..crazy..
crazy with desire for u!
-Rosa -what?
-For God's sake! -Rosa u were right..
words are taken by the wind..
Rosa..this has to be demonstrated with facts..
Kiss me!
Stop it! it's a slap that I will give u if u dont stop!
O my goodness!
I wasnt expecting u to be like this..
-How? -well shameless!
licentious, perverted!
-Leave my home, please -Like u want
-I am sorry -No, I am sorry
And..and how is it with Rosa?
Good..good..well we had a small problem but it is already resolved..
That's it!
It's that we cant continue like this!
Like how?
Ignoring each other..and feeling uncomfortable..and..
-We are old now (for these things)! -Right!
and it seems that we are 15
We should speak clearly..u tell me what u think..i tell u what i think..and that's all..ok?
-When? -Now..we are alone, right?
-U start -Me? no, why me? u start!
-We are going to sleep now -Well very good..very good because it is already very late..come on let's sleep
-Listen dad..can u come to the bed and listen to the tale that I am writing? -Now?
-It's that Jimena and me were about to.. -Go upstairs..we will talk later
Well now we can right?
And this (as what is it)?
-I went to the optician this u like it? -I love it
-But u didnt need to.. -Well these are just glasses..
Well these aren't just glasses..u thought of's...
it's something important
Do they fit me?
Very well
Dad I am feeling bad..
Let me see..
-But u aren't very hot son ! -But how is it possible, if the thermometer says 38?!
-Let's do it another time! it's better if I stay to sleep here..
-Good night -Good night
-I need u -Me too
-Ok -See u tomorrow
Open ur eyes
We really can stay here?
Yes..the owner of the house is going abroad this weekend
and she will not come back before Monday
Thank u
Me, I believe in u
-Why are u saying this now? -Because of what u said to me yesterday morning..
that there is a bad mood at home and u are feeling that u dont belong..
-Ok..well it is not to that point -Well..but me, I want u to know that..
that me, I believe in u..that I know that u are a good person..that u saved my life and that u are unable to harm someone..
-What do u think of swimming now? -Sure..I am looking forward to it
Did u see?
-I am coming back now, ok? -Ok..but dont be so serious ?!
-Dont go away -No
Is it you?
-So? how is the water? good? -And now u will tell me that u just went for a walk, right?
-Dont tell me that I cant swim in the pool like both of you! -U can tell these lies to someone else not me! ok?
-U were following us like always! -What do u think? that my life turns around you?!
U are not that important, sparkle girl!
What are u doing?
But..what is this?
Sparkle girl..what is happening?
I dont what is happening to me!
Sparkle girl..hold on to this!
Give me ur hand! Give me ur hand!
-Grab my arm! -No! No!
-I dont care! -No! -Grab it!
When I met u and I started spending more time with u, well..
I thought that what I was feeling for u was..
Sandra..I think I am in love with u..
and me, I am telling u this so u will know that when u are felling bad or sad..
well u can come runing to where I am..
and..anyone can stop being so mean..
Everyone deserves an opportunity..
to demonstrate that deep down he is a good person..
Well in my tale, the end is not bad for anyone..
because Sandra says that everyone deserves an opportunity to demonstrate that deep down, he is a good person
Come on Sandra!
Are u ok?