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hey everybody it's Sherry Leitner and out here today to give you of beary
review of Tube Traffic Mojo
much as seven there are couple bonuses at the end
as well
and idea separate individual already has on each of the module separately but
this is the whole buried uh... completely sink to review one yes first
of all what has Tube Traffic Mojo
it's a program that was designed by a couple of uh... network marketer as
fellow network marketers
who walked a bit late just exploded their business
and they were able to do with using video marketing
and so what they did it took what they have learned the two of them over the
course of more than eight year uh... really new really kneeling down
video marketing in really getting it
white everything he needed to do they treated me to get their videos rate
they've now put back in a training module any sharing it with the rest of
salt i would say to you
if you're a network marketer even if you're not you know if you just try to
read your videos on you too
if you weren't looking for
uh... believe that we have a good bill yet product media oranges you have a car
product of your own
that you're trying to market continued to
your business realize
on will be
you don't need to drive traffic to your video in your video needs to convert
dulles visitors into leeds
they need to fill out of some sort of former beyond directed to another
for them to go ahead and fulfilled the order
so nothing happens in your business intel weighed
back here
uh... don't leave their generated
and that's a two-track tecnologia helps you do
so there's there's something not so there's even a getting started before
they get started okay
headed overview of the program
and they're not sure why
they start talking about um... getting your magellan's really can't find but
it's really about how do you develop
at square one honey develop eighty-two channel and all the steps you need to
take there are quite a few of them actually practical cult
but if you don't i would really customized channel the way you want it
uh... you're not
necessarily going to be optimizing
uh... your videos okay
so that's my job one creative thirty module to keyword research
well and ji this is
school important
it you are nailing keyword research unhappy you're missing the boat by
promising you aren't got to get the keyboard research right
anne keegan teams and techniques and tools
i want to be nuanced there are tools out there that you can use
uh... to really get the keyword research
right but you have to know what they are can you tell u in this module module
three video creation
this is where you dial-up people stop bob dole say
now uh... you know i need to do that spot how you don't really know how i
mean i know that you can
recorded here in tampa nature but what part of this test subjects
walked me through it and we do the walking through step by step by step
to pay that
creating the video and even what to say
there's actually a formula
i want to stay in your video senator harkin video you're shooting
if you don't
follow this formula
you're missing out okay it's not very important creating your videos
uh... next march up hello
and paid capitalization
this is my favorite video that some of my favorite of all of them because
yet but still
in each of these models as well as but two two-and-a-half hours the pump
content in each my job to be one program
back in his mind to appear ever sell power pack i was doing pretty well with
on a page optimisation haha
i had no clue
but but but
idea now
i do now
backed down
just amends
okay tonight thing
it's like um... links
black-market ecology you're going to need said
check it out yourself but this one was a biggie ok next martel octaves
i didn't even know such a big existed curry and if you don't need their that's
why you need a program like this okay
uh... have you heard back when he what that clinton is to know how to do it
tina howdy doody actively doing about it
to do it cost-effectively
they share that information ok next my job then super secret strategy
that's one was at bt
you could you do me
well let's put it this way
if you took only this module
nailed it
okay you do step-by-step recipe did everything exactly the way they outlined
you quit your day
truck element of the way now
not exactly
then you get my point module six is
the money myself
okay and i can't
i'd million my other tips on making the debate over the outlining key because
some of the secret a keynote
their income for me
are they never had a platter i can't let this year to those of you
but i can tell you it's it's worth the price of admission if now that the other
but i don't think that's dead
michael six is where it's at
martel saturn
and create
cajun mailto
and that's where they talk they talk about copywriting
there is there's another step in there but it's really um... it's a good way to
and then the bonuses so
there is so much packed into here
about you need to do to take a peek there's going to deal with care at the
bottom india link will take you to a capture they
uh... data show even talked about
cat capture page creations in nineteen seventy
uh... without just putting your name in your email just coming to me it's no
but it will be at least you the order form as you can see pricing information
on there
and um... and here's another little bit twenty-something it of trading
with these kinds of this video free-trading sug just for filling in the
capture forum
and getting a freight train compliments of market break
so it's excuse a value
i can't say enough about it
illinois spotlights click on that right now and it will take you to that capture
page billiard me
aiming your demilitarized
you get all the information you need
uh... eighty one to be part of our textbooks indication group
it you know back included in the praise in the membership you've had to become
part of it to traffic manager club
the family so
come join a rest
i'd would be very excited to meet you and hope you know we think this is
building of this issue a recital off until the next video have a great day