Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier - Scene 96

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Sakura: Eheehee...Sayuki-chan~~
Sayuki: Hm? Sakura-chan...
As Sayuki looks up from watching television in the living room, she sees that Sakura has sat down next to her like a puppy wagging
it's tail furiously.
Sakura: Sayuki-chan, what are you making for dinner tonight?
Sayuki: Ah...sorry.
Recalling that she's the only one who's eaten - that large milk custard bun - Sayuki automatically apologizes.
Sayuki: I completely forgot about dinner...Are you really hungry?
Sayuki: Forgive me. I was going to make curry tonight...I'll hurry up and make it.
Sakura: Aaah! No, you don't have to fly off like that, I was just reminding you!
Sayuki: Eh? Well...
Sayuki's speedy attempt to run to the kitchen comes to a halt as Sakura grabs the hem of her skirt and says that.
Sakura: Eheehee, while I certainly am hungry...If you still haven't made it yet, than I have a favor to ask you, Sayuki-chan.
Sayuki: A favor?
Sakura: I want you to help me make tonight's dinner.
Sayuki: You, Sakura-chan?
It is an unusual request from Sakura.
Sayuki: ...Are you sure? It's not that making curry is hard, but...
Sakura: Therefore, I'm relying on you for help, Sayuki-sensei!
Sayuki: Sensei?
Having never been called that before, Sayuki can't help but blush a little.
Sakura: ...Sayuki-chan? Is it no good after all?
Sakura: If I can't, than I'll let it go...
Sayuki: Ah! Don't say that. I think it's a good idea.
Sakura: R-Really? Thank you!
Sakura looks naively happy.
When she sees Sakura looking so happy, Sayuki's mood raises a little as well, even though it doesn't show on her face.
Sayuki: Than, tonight we'll be making sweet curry...Even though Nii-san doesn't usually like it,
I'm sure he'll try it for you, Sakura-chan...
Sakura: Ah...Forgive me, Sayuki-chan-sensei.
Sakura: I'm thankful that you're going through so much trouble for me, but I'd rather make the curry we usually have.
Sayuki: ...Why?
Sakura usually doesn't like spicy things...Especially when it comes to curry.
Sakura: Heh? Oh come now Sayuki-chan...It's already...*Rub-rub*...Iyayn...
Sakura hesitates as she twists her fingers together in front of her chest.
Sayuki: ...Ah!
When she sees her acting like that, something hits Sayuki.
Although she doesn't really like spicy food, Sakura still said she wanted to make it.
In other words, she really wants someone else to eat it...
...In short, Sakura wants to make this curry for Reiji to eat.
Sayuki: ...I understand.
Sakura: Eh?
Sayuki: We'll make spicy curry than...and it will be extraordinarily delicious.
The feelings one gets when they make something themselves for someone important to them...Sayuki knows well how that feels.
Therefore, she wants to help Sakura realize her feelings.
When she realizes that, Sayuki can't think of a reason to deny Sakura's wishes.
Sakura: Hurray! Thanks a lot, Sayuki-chan!~
Sakura shouts and jumps with joy.
When she sees Sakura that happy, a small smile ekes out onto Sayuki's normally stoic face.
Ichigo: I-I really am starving now...What's taking so long tonight?
Ichigo: Oh, Sayuki's in the kitchen eh? I was about to make something myself, but let's see how it's going...
Sakura: Uuuu...I thought that peeling the potatoes would only take a few moments, but this is much harder than it looks!
Sayuki: S-Settle down...First, take a deep breath...
Sayuki: In...and out...
Sakura: *Deep breaths*
Sakura: ...Nn! I feel a lot more relaxed now!
Ichigo: W-What the?!
Sayuki: Ah, no...You do it like this, without bringing the blade so close to the potato...
Sakura: L-Like this?
Sayuki: U-Um...If you hold it like'll more than likely cut your finger...
Sakura: Uuu...This is too hard to understand!
Sakura: Than, I'll just have to use all my strength...
Sayuki: D-Don't! If you use all your strength, you'll disintegrate the cutting board!
Ichigo: .........
Ichigo: I-Indeed. So Sayuki is teaching Sakura how to cook...This brings back really bad memories...
Ichigo: Muu...My intuition tells me that as the landlord, I can't leave things as they are...
Ichigo: .........
Ichigo: ...Well, I think I'll just not get involved this time~ There's no need for me do anything about it!
Ichigo: Now than, I think I'll go on ahead and head for my favorite bar so that I don't disturb them.
Ichigo: Besides, since we're not really related...I'm sorry, but I don't want to die yet!
Sakura: Finished!
Sayuki: T-This is?!
As Sakura stands in front showing off the curry she's just finished making, Sayuki's face turns blue.
Although she had intended to step in and help if things were getting out of hand, if Sakura used magic to help her cook...than
it's too late, the damage has already been done.
The cutting board has pieces missing from it, and many shredded pieces of vegetables are scattered around the counter.
...Perhaps, when she was adding the vegetables, she may have added in the pieces from the cutting board as well...
Sakura: I'll go ahead and call Master and Sagara-san!
Sayuki: Ah! Wait a sec-
Sakura: Master! Dinner is ready!
Sayuki: A-Ah...
Sayuki abruptly comes to a stop as she hears Reiji's voice shout out in return to Sakura's.
Sakura: Hm, Sagara-san isn't in. I wonder where she went at such a late hour?
Sayuki: I-I see...
Reiji: Oh, we're having curry tonight.
As Sakura lightly shakes her head in confusion at Ichigo's sudden absence, Reiji comes into the room having smelt the curry.
It's too late to turn back now.
Reiji: Well than, Ittadakima-
Sayuki: Wa-Wait a minute, Nii-san.
Sayuki quickly grabs Reiji's hand, stopping him just before he swallows a spoonful of the curry.
Reiji: Hm? What's wrong, Sayuki?
Sayuki: U-Um...I-I still haven't tested the taste...
Reiji: The taste? It looks the same as usual, Sayuki. Did you add something new into it tonight?
Reiji: I trust in your cooking ability, so you don't have to worry about that.
Sayuki: Even so, I...
Saying that, Sayuki quickly takes Reiji's spoon and brings it to her mouth.
Sayuki: .........Uuuuuu~
Sayuki can't bring herself to open her mouth and eat the curry.
And no wonder.
Even though the curry in front of her looks completely normal, since she knows how it was cooked she's terrified to taste it.
Sayuki: ......H-Here, Nii-san.
Reiji: Huh? So you're not going to taste it after all?
Defeated by her fear, Sayuki cries mentally for her brother as she hands the spoon back to Reiji.
Sakura: Now, Master~ Eat up!
Reiji: Oh, you're not going to eat? ...Ah, I see. I forgot that you don't like spicy things...
Sakura: Eheeheeheeheeheehee~~~
Happy that Reiji is about to eat the 'meal' she cooked, Sakura can't help but giggle uncontrollably as she stirs her untouched bowl.
Reiji: Well than now...Ittadakimasu.
Sakura: ...
With both her hands held together in front of her chest,
Sakura watches intently as Reiji opens his mouth and slides the spoon inside.
Reiji: Umph.
Sayuki: ......
Nothing seems to happen.
Praying that nothing will happen, Sayuki watches Reiji's mouth.
Reiji: .........Guu?!
However, heaven abruptly rejects her prayers.
As Sayuki and Sakura watch, Reiji's face changes to a pale shade of green.
With a terrible cry, Reiji stands up and begins to claw at his throat.
Reiji: S-Sakura! Water! Give me water!!
Sakura: Y-Yes!!
Sayuki: N-Nii-san...
Reiji: Khaaaa...What the hell...This is...too spicy...WAY TOO SPICY!!
Apparently it hurts a lot, as Reiji snatches the water that Sakura quickly brings over and swallows it.
Reiji: Glug...glug...glug...I-It's no good! Water doesn't work...
Sayuki: C-Calm down Nii-san...This is just curry...
Sakura: Wawawawa...Wait for me than, I'll find them in no time!
Sayuki: (Ah?! But there isn't anyone to be found!)
Eventually, the only thing Reiji can do is continue to drink water...For a few hours afterward, Reiji's tongue stayed swollen.
Reiji: Haaah...
Sakura: Master...are you alright now?
Reiji: seems so.
Sayuki: U-Um...Nii-san...
Intending to apologize, Sayuki looks directly at Reiji as she begins to speak.
Reiji: Now than...there's something I want to know.
Sayuki: Hauu...N-Nii-san, everything was my fault-
Noting the tone of anger in her brother's voice, Sayuki immediately bows and accepts the responsibility.
However, the words that follow from Reiji's mouth...are different from what Sayuki had been expecting.
Reiji: Sakura...You made that curry, right? Just what the hell did you put into it?
Sayuki: ...Eh?
Reiji's eyes aren't focused on Sayuki's bowing figure, but rather staring hard to the side at Sakura.
Sakura: Uuu~~ I'm really sorry!!
Sakura: I tried my best to make some curry that you would love to eat, Master...but it was a huge failure~~
Reiji: Jeez...That's because your not used to making it.
Sayuki: U-Um...Nii-san?
As tears fill Sakura's eyes, Reiji shakes his head in exasperation while sighing.
Sayuki timidly calls Reiji's name again when she sees him with that expression.
Sayuki: W-Why do you think that Sakura-chan made it? I'm always the one that makes dinner...
When Reiji isn't the one responsible for dinner, it's Sayuki's job, since neither Sakura nor Ichigo know how to cook that well.
However, Reiji continues to speak in a tone that seems as if it were only natural that Sakura had made the food.
Reiji: Eh? What are you talking about...I understood the moment I ate it.
Sayuki: Eh?
Reiji: No matter how badly you could mess up, there's no way you could make such bad curry, Sayuki.
Reiji: The only one who could make curry this bad is right here!
Sakura: Y-You don't have to bring your mouth so close to my ear!
However, with his magical weapon putting such a wild twist on his favorite food, Reiji isn't going to calm down that easily.
Reiji: You're a weapon for fighting, so why did you even try to cook?
Sakura: Uuu...Y-You're so mean, Master!
Sayuki: N-Nii-san...that's going a little too far...
Because Sakura was so happy to see Reiji eat her homemade meal, Sayuki tries to get Reiji to calm down, and get him to not be so
hard on Sakura.
Sakura: I'm not just a weapon! I'm undoubtedly a human girl, and I did it for you, Master...
Reiji: I already figured that out.
Sakura: I-If that's the case...
Reiji: It's a little embarrassing, but even though you worked hard on it, I'm not going to say "good job" for the effort.
Sakura: ......Fweh?
Sayuki: Nii-san...
Reiji: That's what you say to someone when your dating them. Keep that in mind the next time you cook.
Reiji: It doesn't matter how hard you try though. If you can't make it taste good, than the effort is wasted, alright?
Reiji: So, at least learn how to properly make curry before you offer it to me next time.
Sakura: M-Master...
Reiji lets out a small smile amidst his scolding.
Contrary to his rough language, the sting in his tone from earlier has disappeared.
Reiji: Sakura, thank you.
Sakura: Ah...N-Nn!
Reiji blushes a little as Sakura bows mightily, thanking him from the bottom of her heart.
When she sees the two of them like that, Sayuki lets out the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding.
Sayuki: ...Nii-san, that's not fair.
Reiji: Me? Why do you say that?
Sayuki:'s nothing.
Reiji: ...Haah?
She had already known from the start.
Reiji wasn't an insensitive man who didn't understand how Sakura felt.
While clumsy and blunt, Reiji is capable of being kind at the right times...
He isn't the kind of man who is naturally a coward...Sayuki had been wrong to suspect that Reiji would punish Sakura for making
such a horrific dinner.