Chinese Paladin 4 plot and gameplay 8 (end of the prologue)

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Tianhe Yun: How come my room become this damaged!! It, it's my dad!! He has come here!
Tianhe Yun: What to do what to do what to doooo! He's gone mad, he's gone mad.....
Lingsha Han: (.....go crazy again.....)
Lingsha Han: ......
Lingsha Han: ......This is......
Lingsha Han: (......sigh, still crazy out there.....)
Tianhe Yun: .....hurts me.....
Tianhe Yun: .....why you hit me again.....
Lingsha Han: You calm down a little! Look at this!
Tianhe Yun: This is's memorial stand?
Lingsha Han: This is carved of the name "Tianqing Yun", I think this shall be your dad's.
Lingsha Han: .......Tianqing Yun, Tianhe Yun.....only one word different between you two's names, how weird, can't it be possible that your dad named you in the same way he named "this is a sword".......
Tianhe Yun: Dad had said, that I was named by my mother.
Lingsha Han: (.....a weird family....)
Lingsha Han: I picked up this from the ground.... I suppose that no matter how mad your dad could be, he won't throw away his own memorial stand, right?
Tianhe Yun: Seems so, but.....
Lingsha Han: You take a good think now, is there anyone else who would come and mess up this place?
Tianhe Yun: ......
Tianhe Yun: .......Ha,haha,hahaha! I know, it's that boar! It's got to be him! His footprints are still here!
Lingsha Han: What boar?
Tianhe Yun: The one we saw in the cavern of left to sea!
Tianhe Yun: I catched a little boar this morning as a sacrifice to dad, while it looks like it's the big boar's child, and now he came around, destroyed my house and took away his child.
Lingsha Han: ......
Tianhe Yun: Er, it's merely my guess......
Lingsha Han: What a lovely scene here, though human stand as the most outstanding kind of all life, the love for its child does not belong to us only.
Tianhe Yun: Sigh, what a bad luck for me to have lost such a delicious meal, next time you come to me, I'll never let you escape again!
Lingsha Han: Hey! You savage, don't you have a little mercy here?
Tianhe Yun: .....How strange you are, if I don't eat them I'll hunger to death.
Lingsha Han: Even that's the case, you don't have to be this cold blood!
Tianhe Yun: What's your problem? Dad has said all living things are going to die one day or another.
Lingsha Han: .......
Lingsha Han: Yeah, right you are, but even we all come to the same end, our own destiny are still different between one and anther....
Tianhe Yun: What?
Tianhe Yun: Dad was right again, girls can be really strange sometime.
Tianhe Yun: Whatever~ I got to pack now!
Tianhe Yun: ......Dad....your Tianhe are now going outside this mountain....
Tianhe Yun: Tianhe really wants to find out, you and mom... are you really...........the sword immortals as Lingsha said........
Tianhe Yun: The sword you left me, how come it beholding such a great power.......maybe even greater than a hundred big boars adding together.....
Tianhe Yun: ......Your tomb is's all Tianhe's fault, none of Lingsha's business.......
Tianhe Yun: Dad you have told me, using a sword shall hold steady of my mind, but I did completely wrong that time and lost the control of the, if you wish, just punish me......
Tianhe Yun: But.....if you have enough on your hands now, I won't mind it comes one day later, nonono, several days lator is fine too....
Tianhe Yun: Dad, what I just said are all from my, you really don't need to come to me at night, because I won't be around then.......
Tianhe Yun: (dad's everyday incenses can't not be missed again, so I shall take the memorial stand and the incenses burner with me, and that's almost all I need to take.)
Tianhe Yun: You hungry? Don't have the strength to stand?
Lingsha Han: You thought everyone is like you, only thing in mind is eat?
Lingsha Han: I was thinking, you kept such a big burner here, looks like your dad was really afraid of cold?
Tianhe Yun: Yes, except for summer, this burner has to keep a fire all the time, if the fire went out, dad would freeze to illness.
Lingsha Han: what on earth is this strange illness?
Tianhe Yun: Dunno, seems mom was more afraid to cold than dad, maybe their body were not strong enough.
Lingsha Han: (.....dumb thought.....)
Lingsha Han: Well, you are all packed up?
Tianhe Yun: Yes, I've taken the importand stuff will me, and I have to go to my treehouse now, come on!
Lingsha Han: Your treehouse? On the big tree beside your home?
Tianhe Yun: Yep, just climb over the tree and you'll find it~
Lingsha Han: (.......I'd never be wrong call this guy a savage, just like a monkey, climb over here, climb over there....)
(After got to the treehouse)
Tianhe Yun: Hemostasia herb, fruit of concerntrate.......
Lingsha Han: What a great scene here! Your mom and dad must be someone who can enjoy their lives.
Lingsha Han: .....If there would be one day, I can retire to this house, stay outside everything.....What if there would be a such day, how great that would be.....
Tianhe Yun: The scene seems no difference to me, but it's really good to live here! You can always get a great amount of delicious food around!
Lingsha Han: You savage! Waste my time saying this to you! Are you all packed up?
Tianhe Yun: Yep, got some hemostasia herb and some fruit of concerntrate with me....
Lingsha Han: Surprise me~ While having no common senses, you do have a fine medicine skill here.
Tianhe Yun: It is ? It's all tought by my father, beasts with great strength can escape my trap easily, so it's normal to get hurt often for me.
Lingsha Han: Then, you must possess a great skill of marksman?
Tianhe Yun: Just, just so-so, I am pretty accurate using my left hand, while my right hand got greater strength, its accuacy is worse.
Lingsha Han: Even more amazing now, you can even using your two hands this great! I took a really hard time on my way up here, then I shall depend on you when we set out!
Tianhe Yun: No problem, even dad has said that I was good at hunting!
Lingsha Han: (Dunno what's your name now~~ that shall be your only strongpoint I gusee.....)
Lingsha Han: You bring that piece of jade with you?
Tianhe Yun: Yep.
Lingsha Han: Don't wanna stay here a bit more?
Tianhe Yun: no no.
Lingsha Han: Lol....
Tianhe Yun: Hey~~~~ Let's get a move on! Or it will be dark soon!
Lingsha Han: Lol~ It's a long time before dark, I must have frightened this savage good.
Never expect a small casket to hold a true blade
Never lost to miss the glamour of a real jade
Sky will shake for the first cry of a eyas
Above the mountain high where your glory will be made!
(Following are the staffs and three brief battle in the next maze, the prologue ends here, hope you enjoy~)