2010 Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal Investiture and Promotion Ceremony

Uploaded by thecityoftoronto on 01.12.2010

It is my privilege to welcome you to the 2010
Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal Investiture and
Promotion Ceremony.
Tonight we honour the medal recipients who have completed
20 years of exemplary service within the Toronto Fire Services
and all officers who were promoted in 2009.
The history of the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal,
commenced in 1985, as Her Majesty Elizabeth signed Letters
Patent creating the honour, in marking 20 years of dedicated service
to the citizens of the public of Canada, for the fire service.
The design of the Medal you are receiving this evening,
includes axes, hydrant, a Maltese Cross -
which are international symbols of the firefighting tradition,
that we carry here in the City, and around the world.
The red on the ribbon represents fire, and the gold represents
quality of the service that each member has given,
to the citizens of the City of Toronto.
Each Medal is engraved with the recipient's name,
and comes with a citation from the Governor General of Canada.
For the members who have been promoted during the past year,
we congratulate you, on your respective accomplishments.
You have been entrusted to lead and supervise members of the
in your respective divisions.
Your desire to excel at your chosen profession and to assist
assist your crew members is truly appreciated.
It's my privilege over the next two evenings, tonight and tomorrow,
to grant you awards of promotion to each of the recipients.
Your promotion comes with new challenges and I am confident
you will continue to strive for excellence and instil confidence
in the members you lead on a daily basis.
I am gratefully appreciative to see the many family members
who are here with us, tonight at the Academy.
We are here to celebrate achievements of your loved ones,
and you are a significant part of Toronto Fire Services'
extended family; because you truly are our family.
Thank you for joining us tonight, recognizing our firefighters who
have reached 20 years of service, and to our officers who
have been promoted within the Service as each member exemplifies
our Credo of the Toronto Fire Services, Courage,
Compassion and Service.
Thank you for everything you do, have a good evening.