Garland G Series Ranges

Uploaded by centralrestaurantpro on 12.04.2012

Recently we were at a session of Manitowoc University, held regularly at the Manitowoc
Education and Technology Center, where we took the opportunity to talk to product specialists
about their equipment and the innovations and design and construction that helps operators
achieve more, with less operational cost. Hi. I’m standing in front of the Garland
36-6R Restaurant Series Range, and I’d like to tell you a few features and benefits that
set us aside from the competition. We have a 27 inch working surface, but what we did
was we took the burners, and we actually put them evenly front to back. So now, as you
can see, it can accommodate a 13 ½ inch fry pan but the burner is directly underneath
the fry pan, so you’re getting great heat distribution, unlike our competition, where
you have a four inch dead space in the back, and your fry pan overhang the front rail.
We now have a lift-off burner head, easier to clean, easier to maintain. Again, if it’s
easy to remove and take apart, more likely, your staff will clean it. These are engineered
with a little heat management tab. So when we put it in place, it’ll actually separate
the hot cast iron from your front rail, so no longer will your staff have the chance
to burn themselves on the front rail. It’s a user front rail now, it stays cool to the
touch. Once we take these top grates off, we have a lift off 33,000 BTU burner head,
again for easy cleaning. It’s machine to fit directly to the venturi, and it’s also
machine to fit like a glove to the top grate. By doing that, we track the 33,000 BTUs in
your burner bowl and then go directly to the bottom of your cooking vessel. Once we take
these burners out, we can see the venturi. And this is a patented ramped venturi that
takes the gas coming into the burner and circulates it. And what that does is it will guarantee
that every port on this burner will be the same height as the one next to it, the one
beside it, or the one behind it. Again, even heat distribution. Once you take these out,
a very easy area to clean. We also went one step further, and we took it out of the service
issues of clogged pilots. We now have a concealed little burner hole here, so when we put this
on top of a range, our pilot burner is completely concealed, so no matter how much you spill
there, you won’t clog your pilot. We took the clogged pilot out
the equation.