Mahabharat - Episode 49

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Duryodhan has won the game of dice
Hastinapur has lost
The values which lndians were proud of...
...and which guided their lives and society...
...have also lost
lt may be that Dhritirashtra was...
...frightened by Draupadi's curse...
...but it could also be that he was frightened his ambition and filial love
But there is no doubt that he was frightened
However, his fear has played havoc...
...with Shakuni's game and...
...Duryodhan's dreams
Neither Shakuni nor Duryodhan... willing to accept that
When Draupadi threw the dice of her divinity...
...even an experienced player like Shakuni lost
Whatever he had won...
...was lost in a moment...
...and he could do nothing about it
Why are you worried, Dushasan?
The Pandavas will return to lndraprasth tomorrow
Let them go!
Whenever l see them my body is set afire
lt is as if this fire will burn... personality and my ego
l am happy that they are going
How can l be happy to see them go?
The Pandavas are taking back whatever Uncle won for us
What can l say about father?
There's no point in calling him blind
He is blind!
He is a fool! Call him a fool, Dushasan!
He is unique in the history of Mankind
He has spent his life in giving...
...his sons' rights to someone else's sons
Why should they worry when they have you, Uncle
l am sure you have many more conspiracies
Truth cannot be a basis for humor
Yes, you are right
My quiver of ideas is not yet empty
Allow me to leave
Wait, Karna!
Do you like your character over Duryodhan's friendship?
Tell me, King of Anga!
My army had won the game but...
...Draupadi spoilt every thing
You, too, were there
You are a witness to my victory
Draupadi came like a divine weapon...
...and frightened your father into submission
What can we do now?
lf only we can play just one more game...
...l'll win everything back
Father will never allow us to play again
You have not yet understood your father
He will try and give you whatever you want
Do not worry about that!
The only problem is the two Sages and Grandsire
The three of them are bound to the throne
Do not worry about them
You should worry about Vidura...
...and my sister Gandhari
Let me think...
...what you should tell the King
The Pandavas will not accept this humiliation
lf l were in their place...
...l would attack Hastinapur immediately
Maybe they will do that. What should we do?
We should attack them before they attack us
Attack! Yes.
For the first time, l have liked what you said
First you will attack Grandsire Shishma
lf you can defeat him... will have won the game
You will have to attack now
Go, my dear nephew, Go this minute
O Shishma! Have you met Yuddhistir?
How can l go to the Pandavas?
What shall l tell them?
They are gentlemen
They will not talk of what happened but...
...their eyes will speak about it
The Crown Prince is here to see you
At this time? Okay, let him in
My respects, O Teacher! Grandsire!
Come my child! How did you think of me... late at night?
l have two plans before me
Please tell me which l should implement
What plans, Duryodhan?
l am not ashamed of what has happened
Draupadi had become my slave...
...and l had unlimited right over her
Yuddhistir should be ashamed...
...for staking his wife
l also know that we differ with one another...
...on this matter
Talk of your plans, Duryodhan
This background is essential, O Teacher
All right!
lf it is over, talk of your plans
As you wish!
Just like two lions cannot stay in the same forest...
...the Kauravas and Pandavas cannot stay together
Not after what has happened
So, only two options are open to me
The first option is that...
...l be allowed to attack lndraprasth
Let the battlefield decide... to who will stay here
The second option is that...
...l be allowed to play Dice one more time
lf l win then...
...they should accept 12 years of exile and... year of anonymity
lf they win, l accept the same terms
Gambling is not a strategy
The problem is not so simple
Forgive me, Grandsire
l do not wish to accuse you of partiality
You both know that you are partial to them
l only wish to know...
...which of the two strategies l should accept
War or Dice?
Only the king can answer such a question
As you order. Come with me
You will have to answer the question...
...either today or tomorrow
How could you allow the humiliation of the Kurus?
till you answer this question...
...sleep will not come to your eyes
Maybe... Soul, too, was blinded in those moments
Maybe l was frightened of Duryodhan
For the first time in my life...
...l am happy that...
...l am blind and...
...l cannot see my daughter-in-law
lf l could see, l would see...
...nothing but hatred and contempt in her eyes
Who's that?
Long live the king!
Grandsire and the Crown Prince are here
Grandsire and Duryodhan? What do they want?
They will tell you
My respects Blessings
My respects Blessings
Please sit
Why did you take the trouble of coming here?
Why didn't you call me?
l have not come to my child Dhritirashtra
l have come to my king
Say what you want to say Duryodhan
Just like two lions cannot stay in one forest...
...the Kauravas and Pandavas cannot stay together
What are you say8ng? They are your brothers
We are not the first brothers in History...
...who cannot stay together
They may not mind staying with me...
...but l won't stay with them
Father even divided the nation but...
...that has not brought me any satisfaction
On the contrary, it has angered me further
Now that l had won at Dice...
...whatever l had wanted...
...father has done me an injustice by returning it
l cannot bear this
Grandsire, please explain to him
He does not know what he is saying
Grandsire will not interfere
Listen to me carefully
l have only two options
Either l conquer lndraprasth...
...or die on the battlefield in attempting that
Or else...
...let me play just one game of Dice with them
lf they win...
...l accept 12 years of exile and a year of anonymity
lf l win they must accept the same terms
lf they are recognized in the last year...
...they will have to start all over again
But my son...
Why don't you try and understand me, mother?
l am haunted by Arjun
l hate the letter 'A'...
...because Arjun's name begins with it
This world is too small for us, father
We cannot live here together
lsn't there a third option?
Yes mother
There is a third option
l did not tell you about this option...
...because you may not accept it
Father. Allow me to wage war or play Dice
Both options are unacceptable to me
l cannot allow you to wage war
My lord!
Nor can l allow him to commit suicide
Has your filial love made you forget your duty?
You can say this Grandsire because... don't know what filial love is
A tree lives for its fruit and a father for his son
l have not come to a father but to a king
lf there are only two options, War or Dice...
War because...
...that is the warrior's duty
My dear Duryodhan, you are not a coward
Besides, l am with you. And so is Sage Drona...
...his son Ashwathama and Karna
Forget about Dice and prepare for War
l'll not allow you to wage war
Duryodhan. l'll allow only one more game
Promise me that you'll play only one game
Do not invite lndia's destruction, my lord
Do not break the bridge we have built between...
...our sons and the Pandavas
lf you do that, there'll be nothing but darkness
lf lndia is destined for destruction...
...nothing will stop it
Maybe that is the destiny of this dynasty
Do not blame God for your filial love
lf lndia is destined for destruction...
...then your leadership is at fault...
...not God!
Why haven't you braided your hair
These insulted hair will remain unbraided... that they will forever remind you...
...of how Dushasan insulted me in Court
Look at them carefully, O Arjun!
Look at them, O Shim!
These hair will remain unbraided...
...till you bring me blood from...
...Dushasan's chest... wash away the insult
He is younger to us. Forgive him, Draupadi
You are the essence of Religion
You may forgive both Duryodhan and Dushasan
l am the essence of Womanhood's Ego
l can never forgive them
Shim. Please explain to Draupadi
How can l explain to Draupadi when...
...l cannot reconcile myself
Besides, what is there to explain?
Who among us can dare tell Draupadi... forget what has happened... forget that Dushasan dragged her by her hair... forget that Karna called her a whore... forget that Duryodhan had ordered her disrobing
Forgiveness is something else...
...but can you yourself forget it?
How can you dare talk to your brother so loudly?
How can you dare question him?
A brave warrior has a high degree of tolerance
Do not boast of your bravery before me
l cannot call you cowards...
...but you will have to prove your bravery to me
Look at my unbraided hair and lower your eyes
Or else get me blood from Dushasan's chest
Now take me away from here
l cannot even breathe here
The air stinks of my humiliation
Let's go Draupadi!
The king is waiting for you in the recreation room
You will have to go to protect the warrior code
l will have to go there... order to obey Father
lf you must go there promise me... will not play Dice
ls that a restriction?
Not a restriction but a request
l cannot give you that promise
lf Father orders me to play...
Can you promise me that... will not stake your brothers and their arms?
Yes. l can promise you that
Can you promise me that... will not stake your independence
Yes. l can promise that
Can you promise me that... will not stake me at Dice?
You are insulting him
Lord Ram knew that there is no golden deer...
...and yet he went to hunt it
Was it mere greed?
Did not Seeta know there is... animal like the golden deer?
Did she purposely send Lord Ram on a dangerous mission?
What is fated to happen... the result of our Past Actions
Neither you nor l can prevent it
Neither Shim's mace nor Arjun arrows can prevent it
That's why. Let's go!
Making Father wait for us will be...
...a violation of decency
Emperor Yuddhistir with Queen Draupadi... on his way with his younger brothers
Yuddhistir, his brothers...
...and his wife are paying their respects
My blessings!
Your blessing is our protection
What do you order?
Even l am not happy... you the order l am about to give
Sometimes ancient dynasties...
...reach a crucial turning point...
...when Elders have to give undesirable orders
l was not pleased to divide Hastinapur...
...but l agreed to the partition... that you all could live apart happily
But l was unsuccessful
The Partition is a wound on my heart...
...which will never heal
Yuddhistir, you are the eldest Kuru son
So, your responsibility is greater than your brothers
Someday... will be able to explain to your brothers...
...that there may be many arrows in the quiver...
...but two lions cannot live in the same forest
Two ambitious men cannot prosper in the same house
Two seasons cannot come at once
Two rivers cannot flow together
One has to merge with the other
My son Duryodhan is unwilling to merge with you
Nor does he want you to merge with him
That's why he wants to play one more game with you
At stake is 12 years of exile...
...and a year of anonymity
lf you win, he will accept those terms
lf you lose, you will have to accept the same terms
Will Uncle play on Duryodhan's behalf?
You will have to ask him that
You have answered my question
Are you willing to play on those terms?
How can l refuse to accept when you have ordered it
l will definitely obey you
My respects May you live long
My respects
Will you, too, sit here, Sister-in-law?
Should l not witness the game where l was staked?
lf King Karna of Anga does not mind...
...l will sit here with my five husbands?
Why should l mind? Do sit
Thank you!
Father forgot to tell you that..
...if you are recognized in the last year. will have to go into exile all over again
l do not wish that we meet again after today
That is the best for you...
...because when l meet you next l shall take
...some blood from you and Dushasan for Draupadi's hair
Look at Draupadi's hair and start playing
Also remember Duryodhan!
We know the result of this game
...but we are playing it
Keep quiet all of you!
Your brother does not like such talk
Start the game, Emperor!
Were l playing against you...
...l would have started the game
l am playing against Duryodhan
As my younger brother, let him start first
As you wish!
What do you need, dear nephew?
Twelve it will be!
Now l need six, Uncle
Here you are! Six!
But it's eight!
Come on play. Pass the dice to the Emperor
Give them!
What do we need, Nakul?
Let's start
What do we need now, Nakul?
Six, Brother!
Here's your army, Uncle
Eight, Uncle
Eight it will be!
What's wrong with my army today?
Now we need seven
Here you are. Seven!
How much do we need?
We need eight
Here's your pawn, Brother Duryodhan
Four, Brother Here you are!
We must get four
You will get four
l need nine, Uncle
Play on!
Play, Dushasan
We will win!
l need Twelve!
Come on my army! Twelve!
What's happening?
lt will come. Don't worry
We need seven
Sure Nakul. Seven
Play, Arjun
Here's your pawn, Dryodhan
Here Arjun. Give the dice to Uncle
Who's winning?
lt's too early to say
l need eight, Uncle
Come my army. Eight!
We need eight, Brother
Here's your pawn
We need six now
Here you are!
Give them to Uncle, Arjun
Here's your army, Uncle
My army! Shakuni should not lose
l need six, Uncle
My army!
We need seven
We will get seven
lt's not seven! Give, Uncle
My army will surely win
We need Six, Brother
We need six again
Here you are
lt must be six
We need nineteen to win and they need twelve
Don't worry. We will win
Five and now eleven. Come on my army
l need eleven. l do not want to lose
Come on my army. Eleven for the last time
l must get eleven, Uncle
lf l don't get eleven, Uncle...
...l'll kill you!
Don't be impatient
l won't let you go in exile
Trust my army. You will get eleven
This is my last request
Save Shakuni
We have won!
Has Duryodhan won?
Yes, my king, Duryodhan has won
But Hastinapur has lost
Uncle! My dear Uncle!
12 years of exile and one year of anonymity
Duryodhan has won!
What is fated, will surely happen
None can reverse Fate
Yuddhistir has once again...
...lost everything