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A record deal in America, a UK-Tour, songs for a movie-soundtrack,
rave reviews in the international media... Whereof many
local bands dream of, came true for one group. GOTV presents:
The local heroes of the week!
Hi, we are Cornerstone, and you're watching GOTV - be part of it!
Strictly speaking, everything started at the end of the nineties
with coverversions of bands like THE CURE, R.E.M. and SOUL ASYLUM
The band, that hails from a place called Moedling, increased a couple of years later with their
first album "Head over Heels". They got signed by an US-label,
followed by a tour through the land of boundless possibilities, an award
at the "Next Big Thing"-Contest,
etc., etc. ... A musical dream came true, isn't it?
Actually, the US-record label found us...
...everything's a little bit complicated, as always in life.
... the US-tour was amazing, of course. A great experience, I have to say!
We drove a few thousand miles,
After some time, you're getting sick of the highway!
For example, we played in New York, Manhattan, in a club,
in which a certain artist called BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN did his very first
New York performance, and that's of course
holy floor!
By the way: also the international music press
celebrated the Austrian musicians. Cornerstone seem to be right with their mixture
of eighties sound and modern
I'd describe our musical style as a
out of Classic-Rock and Melodic-Rock... Steve,
the guitar player, the "man with the hat",
is the Hard-Rocker of the band. Patricia stands a little bit
apart, she's listening to Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, stuff like that...
I'm from the AOR-side of the street. What does it mean "I am"?
I'm LISTENING to Melodic Rock, plus most of the Classic-Rock bands. Mike,
our drummer, can accommodate himself to almost every musical direction.

As of now, a new
Cornerstone album was released, it's called "Somewhere in America" and it is - how can
it be otherwise? - inspired by the experiences of their time in the U.S.A.. Although it sounds
definitely different from the debut. Until the end of the year you can
satisfy yourself of the bands live-qualities.
Next chance by the way:
the event is called "Rock the HBA".
Located in Moedling -
Brunn am Gebirge, to be precise -
that will be the next chance to see us live. And...
as we're saying here in Austria: "We'll see what's coming next!"