CGRundertow CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 20.01.2012

When you buy, rent, or even borrow a slapstick video game, such as this, you have to respect
it for what it is. You don’t play a game like this and say, “Aw, Damn this game is
so stupid!” When that’s the point of the game to begin with. You have to appreciate
the genre for what it is. That goes for any video game. Now this game is not one of my
most favorite games in the world, but what game of this caliber ever is for someone?
If it is, good for you, but I’m willing to bet that it’s less than most. This is
Celebrity Deathmatch for the Playstation 2.
From Gotham games, Celebrity Deathmatch flew under the radar after its release in 2003,
I actually didn’t even know such a game existed until recently. And for being such
a simple game, I loved the variety of weapons, arenas, and the 27 different characters at
your disposal. All of which distinctly carrying their own swagger. From a chainsaw to a bazooka,
you can do some insane stuff to an opponent up close or from a far. Some weapons you may
auto aim as well, making it a sure hit on your opponent most of the time. From my experience,
your best defense against these crazy attacks is to make sure you get your hands on the
power-ups to regain health, boost your speed, or take advantage of the RS injections to
enhance you celebrities strength to maybe mount a big comeback if your player is getting
their ass beat by whoever you’re fighting. But growing up watching the tv show and then
comparing it to the game, I thought this game was pretty fun, BUT! And that’s a big “but”,
it says so right here in my script, after ten to twenty minutes or so, I found myself
incredibly bored, and I had no choice but to turn the damn thing off. Not because of
how crazy and ridiculous it is, but because this game is I guess just to far below my
Just like in any other fighting game, all the characters vary in strength along with
their abilities. Just make sure you play with them all, and either way you’ll have to
when you play the TV show episodes. By playing the episodes you’ll unlock the hidden characters,
which are no better than the ones that you’re given at the start of the game. If you want
to try fighting with a different someone all together, just start creating someone of your
own in the create a celebrity feature. Now there’s not a WIDE variety of looks to choose
from, actually, I felt like theres more creating options when you design your Mii character
on your Nintendo. Either way, the design feature is available here if you’re just looking
make some other celebrity, or just looking to mess around and maybe create that weird
guy that lives two houses down from you and who only comes out at night. Ya know, that
guy who tends to think that Harry Potter and the Matrix are real when he misses one of
his pills. . . Yup, that guy is always the basis of most of the characters I create in
my games. And do you know what the best part is…He’s never gonna find out…
Despite the game’s ups and downs, what else can I say…it’s exactly the kind of game
that stayed true to the tv show. Celebrity Deathmatch the video game, I don’t think,
could have been done any better or worse, but one thing is for sure, I’m not going
to be one of those people who loves a video game just because they love the show it’s
based off of, NO! This game is terrible! And the only reason I own it is because someone
gave it to me. BUT! If you did grow up watching this show on a weekly basis, it’s definitely
worth taking a look just to bring back old deathmatch memories. How about it Undertoads…..what
old celebrity deathmatch fight was your favorite back then? Put it in your comments, I’ll
be checking it out.