Red Neck way of cooking Burritos

Uploaded by jaggedkill on 18.01.2013

I'm gonna show you how...
true Missourians make burritos. :D
We've got our cheese!
and of course...
our hot burner, which is hot I'll show you.
Kinda touched it for a second, Shit it's sticking
You know how to solve that problem?
this is about as red neck as it gets
Anyways I'll get started here
lets do it with Italian cheese
Because I don't really have anything else

Oh shit I forgot to flip it.
should be some nice brown marks on the back on it now
nope, no brown marks... we'll just roll this Mother fucker around for a second or two.
get some oil off there cause that isn't cool at all.
all we're doing here is melting the cheese.
It's quite fucking hot, LOOK AT THIS! (I COMMAND YOU)
Brown marks
zombie survival tip! #1
if you ever need to during the zombie apocalypse
you could hook one of these stove burners
up to a car battery, and it will turn on and become very hot.
you could cook your food on it.
that way you wouldn't have to get rid of your kitchenware and stuff.
You'd just have to
have a car battery
can you imagine how many
abandoned cars there will be
anyways this is a burrito
this is half a burrito
how you know when the burrito is ready is... (get ready)
it's hot too, but
right here, you can just tell
because it's cold
flops around like it's a piece of shit or something.
so we'll slap some cheese on it, while we prepare this one
anyways we'll start by closing up the sides.
rolling the cheese into the center mass
and once we've got it
push on these edges
then we'll set it down
now that's a perfect (unfinished thought :D) See that? it's nice... real nice.
you can see the cheese on that one starting to melt
lets make a Cassadia out of that one! :D
i can't find anything to make it a Cassadia.. BUT!
can do that
it's kinda cheesy in the center, that's alright. it's smoking more than anything.
Oh, I did that wrong. ;( Just got cheese all over it. fucker.
ugh! it stinks. (not anymore :D)
by the way, sleep away camp is fucking stupid
that's how to make a missouri burrito.