The Jedi A-hole

Uploaded by BlackVineProduction on 20.02.2012

The jedi A-hole
You want to buy this pistol or some star-wars shit?
Man, I don't know about that.
Man... this is authentic..., first episode shit Man... Luke, sky walker use this. Come
on man! This is for star-wars.
Rectum damb near killed em..
You are jokingly funny
What's up Alex?
Look which is got bad from toysrus!
Whats that stuff?
Its a light saver... obviously.
Cool, how does it work?
I don't know man it got a botton here that says, use force.
Like a catholic priest?
Yo shut up berry, that's not even funny.
It was kinda funny.
Man... What ever?...
Whats the other thing you got in your hand?
I'm not really sure what it is, but it has a button. It says, "Push here".
Be careful with that thing man...
This is totally safe!
That think is dangerous, you might shoot somebody.
I know exactly what I am doing... I know how to work this kind of things. You don't...!!
O GOD...!! OOOOO GOD...!! O GOD!!!