Terrorism: What Americans Don't Want To Hear

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do you think it's fair to say that much of the rest of the world considers us major terrorists
I think there's no question about it that they really stand
polls in the past few years
have shown that
people of other parts of the world
President Bush more dangerous
than Osama Bin Laden
more dangerous than Sadaam Hussein
why is that
to American ears that's it
but what they see
of a city in the united states
having suffered
the terrorist attack

they see the united states responded by its own terrorism

focusing not upon who did this attack was fined and not treating it like a
the police operation of an international police operation
but simply going on in bombing Afghanistan
killing three thousand or more
civilians in Afghanistan
without any particular effect on Al Qaeda
Osama Bin Laden
terrorism see us going into Iraq
and now I don't know I just recently seen figures by an organization is work very hard
to compile figures
on civilian dead
in Iraq as a result of this very short war
they may come up with figures like ten fifteen twenty thousand civilians
Americans don't even know this was always focused on is the fact that
every day we lose another
you have several hundred
but by now
when the rest of the rest of the world knows this better than we do they get better
news that we do they don't listen to Fox
earlier today there was no CNN
they're much better news sources
they know what the united states has done and also
I think this is also true
they have a memory of Vietnam which is being lost in the united states yeah
to me it's interesting
that in our culture
and on television and in the movies
they're bringing back world war two in a very heavy way
saving private Ryan
a you know and and
the the stories of d day and
hundred first airborne
bring back world war two why
because world war two immediately conjures up the image of a just war and the enemy as Hitler
they don't bring up Vietnam
and and
and the but the among the europeans a lot of people in the world
who oppose the American war in Vietnam
to and far greater extent than earlier than Americans do
they still remember that the united states was responsible for killing several million
people in Vietnam
then they can't forget that 0:02:48.259,0:02:52.689 so they see this the history of the united states
in Vietnam
central America
supporting death squads in central America
the results being hundreds of thousands of lives being lost in guatemala el salvador
they know this in a way that Americans don't
you know a
there were three million people dead in Vietnam 0:03:12.120,0:03:16.869 and I suppose that we have intervened I think it would have been a few hundred thousand
that perhaps as many as a million that that three million not a chance not a chance
the people don't remember the havoc that our sanctions wrought in the last
ten years on Iraq
putting aside the question whether saddam hussein is a good man or a bad man

but horrendously evil
but they were children
who basically bore the brunt of our sanctions there 0:03:42.449,0:03:44.080 our his intellect
here's another
of how the media
have kept the American people really ignorant
of what's been going on
what you talked about the sanctions are going on for ten years
and by the way under both democratic and republican administrations you know before
people get to

the democrats
the sanctions
according to the UN killed
perhaps a million people and several hundred thousand children