LuvYrLibrary West Valley TeensReach 2012

Uploaded by sjplvideo on 17.04.2012

[guitar playing]
(off camera) Welcome to West Valley Public Library, where fun, games, and learning begin.
[rock music]
>> TEEN: Oh, hi! I'm just a person here in our awesome West Valley library, and I'm just
using the awesome Internet here. Right now I'm just looking up processors. The reason
why I like this library is because I have access to the Internet, and I actually also
have access to Word and other...
But overall, this is one of the aspects that I love about my library.
>> TEEN: Oh, hi! I was just finishing this chapter. Well, as you can see, I was reading
this book, but there are also a lot of other books to read right here. In fact, we have
so many other books! We have everything, from children's books to adult books, everything
from sci-fi to fantasy to romance to mystery and to even thriller.
>> TEEN: I love reading at the library here where people don't disturb me and it's nice
and quiet.
>> BOY: Man, I love activities! They're so much fun. See? Check out my bag!
>> (off camera) Nice bag you got!
>> TEEN GIRL: Thanks!
>> TEEN: I love my library 'cause of all the amazing resources it's got. For example, it's
got this amazing printer and copier.
It's got these great vending machines.
It's got a super-fast checkout line.
It also has a great staff.