Iron Man | Collector's Blu-Ray Box | JP

Uploaded by SpecialCollector89 on 10.04.2012

Hello and welcome!
today I show you the Iron Man Collector's Blu-Ray Box
from Japan
the box is limited to 3,000 copies
and it's numbered
and we also have a Fine Art Special Figurine
from Kotobukiya
I hope I pronounced it properly
here is the Blu-Ray KeepCase
the Box is not so big / huge
here's the side
and here you can see the Iron Man Figure
and on the bottom is the number
and the backside
and the other side
and on top it says Iron Man
and the bottom, with the languages etc...
2 Disc's
I guess English and japanese
I can't read japanese :P
and now let's open it up
only sealed through the scotch tape
I already opened the Box
okay, without the shrink wrap
as you can see some dents but what can you do about it
ok let's open the box
I do this with a big knife
because if you open it with your hands you easily damage the cardboard
and here is the Blu-Ray
also opened
that's the Iron Man Blu-Ray
it's a thicker keepcase
it's Region Free
Disc 1 : Movie
and Disc 2 , I guess Special Features
and some booklets and advertising
more advertising
and here is a small Booklet
Hall of Armor
some information about the Iron Man Suits
Mark I
in English and Japanese
if you want you can reat it ;)
Mark II
Mark III
if you wonna read the information, just pause the video
Iron Monger
and the backside
that's it for the Blu-Ray
next up we have the Iron Man figure
I already opened it
as you can see
here is the number
number #964 / 3000
that's polystyrene for protecting the figure
that's the figure
very small
let's compare the figure with a Blu-Ray
but the figure looks great
let's take a closer look
well made
not a red, more a Bordeaux Red
and the bottom
my number is 964 / 3000
yeah that's basically it
for the Iron Man Box
comes with the Blu-Ray, figure and
the box
a nice Box-Set for Iron Man
I hope you liked it and see you next time ;) !!
bye!! ;)