Mobile App Benefits a Realtor's Business

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bjbj 6:28 Hi! Welcome to the show again. Today we will be speaking with Melanie Swint. She
s with Swint real estate and we ll be talking about how to keep and retain control of your
clients and more importantly mobile apps. It s all about your buyers provides direct
access to agents so all kinds of things like that so Melanie thanks very much for joining
us today in the broadcast . Melanie Swint: Thank you for having me. Question: Great,
so how did you come to recognize your need for mobile app? Melanie Swint : Well I have
to be honest , in the beginning when I was first approached about having a mobile app
I thought that was only something that large companies did. And I did not think that something
that it was gonna be of accessible or affordable to a small business owner like myself. Once
I was approached I started to pay attention a little bit more. I would say to what my
friends my family my business associates my clients were doing. What I did notice is that
any time I am in a group of people I notice that everyone is constantly checking their
phone so you know you are not even talking to someone because everyone is checking their
phone . So it definetly made sense to me and I started to connect the dot and figure if
there was something that I could utilize to instantly connect with both my clients and
my friends and family as far as you know being in their face and regards to real estate obviously
real estate you know we are all trying to brand up ourselves and it was a great tool
I came to realize that it was a great tool that would allow me to constantly brand myself
to my clients. QUESTION: So how is your app helped you market Swint real estate? Melanie
Swint : well once the app was published , one of the great things about apptology is that
they actually created my own custom branded QR code and so with that branded QR code I
am able to apply that to all of my marketing materials. So I would put the QR codes on
my property fliers, I would add that to any direct mail marketing that I am doing, website,
E-mail so that everybody is aware that number one we have a mobile app and the people that
I know have the opportunity to download that app and start utilizing the app and there
is some great functionality in there actually you know it gives people the opportunity to
use the tools in there on regular basis not only just for real estate. So we tried to
put in some value adds within the tools so that you know it would be something that they
would utilize on a regular basis and continue to brand myself and real estate to my theory
influence. QUESTION: I love that term apptology. How do you use the app? Melanie Swint: Well,
the app itself has multiple functions and the great thing about it is that it gives
instant access to the people that have the app to search the MLS so that they have at
their fingertips the ability to access information about homes they might be interested in. They
could be sitting in front of the house an utilize my app to search MLS to get more information
on the property. The second tool that I think is extremely valuable to my client is the
Mortgage calculator and again if they know the price on the home is they can utilize
the mortgage calculator to figure out if the home is affordable for their budget. So they
would put in the information and it will give them base on the interest rate and the length
of the loan what their mortgage payment would be and obviously they can decide if that fits
with in their budget and they can do that immediately so then hence they re buyer they
can either rule it out or they can request a showing would be. And then you know of course
the other thing is that QR reader which is the tool that can be used anytime you know
this is now all have these QR codes and in order to find out what those QR codes are,
what information that they are providing you need a QR reader. One of the tools within
our app is the QR reader so that s the tool that they can use all the time whether they
are currently looking for real estate or not they can utilize that QR code reader on a
regular basis. And again every time they open that app they see my face and remember that
I am in real estate because as we all in any business unless you re in front of the customer
s all the time they forget about you. QUESTION: Yeah, constant touch points and constant face
time. I wonder if you could you know we have been talking about the features. What kind
of functions does your mobile app have? Melanie Swint: Well, I would say the most important
function out of all of the features that it offers the fact that it allows me to do push
notification out to my clients meaning that I have instant access to everybody who downloads
my app to notify them of brand new listings, open houses properties that are sold and again
this is the push notification that goes directly to their phone which we all know nobody leaves
their phone anywhere except in their purse or their pocket. So it allows me to notify
my theory influence that you know there is something going on in real estate market and
as far as in the market to buy or sell house. They realize that they need to pick up the
phone and call me right away. QUESTION: And how many downloads have you had so far? Melanie
Swint : We have had over 400 downloads. (Good start) It s a great start because when I look
at what it cost me to do the direct mail marketing piece to my theory influence so far it took
you know direct mail piece to notify my clients and friends and family that we were having
open house or we have just listed a property , each time I do direct mail to let s say
400 clients that s gonna cost me $350 in itself and I may due mailing like that four times
a month so the cost of advertising myself in my business is very minimal using this
ready build app. QUESTION: And so you know given that how do you get business from the
app? Melanie Swint : Well, I have a great story actually a friend client of mine had
downloaded the app and she had that app on her phone and she was at work and her co-worker
had started talking about real estate and the fact that he was possibly in the market
to purchase a property. And she said oh! You need to call you need to check this out and
she brought up the app and it was my swint real estate app and showed him that he can
search the MLS and check out all the different tools and then she was able to click one button
which tell her friend and transfer all of my contact information to him via text and
he was able to downloaded the app himself on his phone. Well that transaction between
these two people resulted in a sale transaction for me which obviously know one commission
that I got just specifically from the app has paid for the development and hosting for
well over the first year. So it covered the initial investment that I made in getting
the app built for my company. QUESTION: Sounds like no brainer to me, so I am sure it s gonna
be few people that you know wonder a) how to get this app? And may be more about the
whole app process. So if you could give us some a little idea of how they can download
the app? Melanie Swint : Well they can, there are several ways that I would recommend if
people are interested in evaluating, creating or getting their own app what they wanna do
is that they wanna go to, Apptology is the company that created my app
and they create apps for all different kinds of businesses including obviously real estate.
So I would suggest that they start there. Great, great. Thanks very much for joining
us on the program today. I have learnt something about this whole app thing it is no doubt
there is some compelling reasons to look into it. So HYPERLINK "" , thank you very much for joining us Melanie, great having
you. Melanie Swint : Thank you for having me. Have a great day (cheers). hUxQ hUxQ hUxQ
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