Review Rapido #1: Veigar

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Hi, Im Keitachi of Team TroloL0L
Welcome to this Channel's new section called "Fast Review"
this section was made with the reason to help newcomers to this game,
so we can teach them how to build and use the champs of this game
on this first edition we will review Veigar, the tiny master of evil
Veigar, is a mage of the Burst type, which means
he's meant to do high amounts of damage in a short period of time.
To get started, here are the masteries that I personally use with Veigar
I put enfasis on mana regeneration and extra AP per lvl,
plus the extra 10 AP that gives improved ignite,
wich at the begining of the game helps a lot.
mana regen is very important on this champ
because if you don't have enough you will see yourself going back to base
too often to have the same results in the game as you would if you stay in lane all the time.
and for summoner's spells I always get ignite+clarity.
Now let's take a look at Veigar's skills
His first skill is Baleful Strike
which is veigar's more useful and primordial skill
because it's a target skill which deals a medium amount of damage
but if this skill kills the target Veigar gets 1 ap permanently,
also if Veigar kills a champion by any source of damage he gains extra ap.
His second skill is Dark Matter
which is an AoE spell that 1.2 seconds after being cast
a meteorite falls from the sky to the targeted area,
dealing a massive amount of damage.
One peculiar fact of this skill is that wherever you cast it
it reveals the area where it's going to fall.
which helps a lot to avoid ganks.
His third skill is Event Horizon
Veigar creates a coliseum that stun every enemy that touches its borders,
this skill can be used either by casting it with the borders over the target
in order to get an instant stun
or leaving the enemies inside of it so they can't move freely.
Veigar's Ultimate is Primordial Burst
this is his most harmful skill
because it hits for a flat amount of damage
plus 120% of Veigar's AP
plus an 80% of the enemy target's AP
so it's pretty effective against mage enemies
or enemies with a lot of AP.
Now here's a little 101 guide of how to raise your skills lever per level
the short story is that you need to first get Baleful Strike
so you can the most AP possible out of it
and then giving priority to Baleful strike and Dark matter
leaving 2 or 3 points in Event Horizon,
and getting Primordial Burst whenever its available.
Having all this in mind let's see how to use Veigar in battle.
Veigar, having an AoE stun is very useful in Team fights and ganks
as you can see here I start encaging Fiddlesticks on my Event Horizon
so he doesn't have much ways to scape
the I cast Dark Matter where I thought he was going to get stunned
what didn't happen...
and then I killed him with Baleful Strike
giving me a bonus of 3 ap.
One of veigar's most important fact
is the order in which you cast your spells on a Team fight
here you can see how I start with Dark Matter
because I was a 100% sure it was going to hit
if that's not the case always star with Event Horizon.
Then I used Event Horizon when Brand came
so the enemies stayed close enough for his ult and other skills.
Because Event Horizon stuns
it can be used to stop enemy's channeling skills
which are skills that require your champ to stay uninterrupted while you use them
here you see how I stop Fiddlesticks' Lifedrain saving Lee Sin.
How I told you before
Veigar excels in killing mages or enemies with a lot of AP
as you can see on this little clip the combination of Baleful Strike + Primordial Burst
leave enemies with less than 20% of their HP.
Where you stand on a Team fight also plays an important role
because even if Veigar hits hard he's very squishy
so he dies pretty quick.
So you always have to get last into the battle
so the enemies are focusing your teammates
while you stun and deliver the most damage possible.
To finish this review let's take a look at Veigar's items
this items are the ones that I recommend but aren't the only ones that work on him
all depends on who your enemies are.
When the game starts you have to leave the base with a Doran's Ring
for the extra AP plus the mana regen,
which will come in handy to last hit and get a good amount of AP.
You need to try to stay in lane all the time you possibly can
so when you get to base for the first time you have a good amount of gold
so you can buy Boots of speed, and at least one of Fiendish Codex's component
if possible buy it right away
After this, turn your Fiendish Codex into a Deathfire Grasp
this item will help you a lot to get extra AP from champs
because his active plus all of your skills, used in a correct order
will grant you an easy kill.
As soon as you get all this items
you will notice that you have a rather high amount of AP
so a Lich Bane will work pretty well on you.
If you see that you have been dying too much
instead of Lich Bane get yourself a Rilay's Scepter
but anyway you need to get your Lich Bane at some moment of the match
then buy a Rabadon's Death Cap and Zonhya's Hourglass.
Well, thanks a lot for watching this video
and we will meet again on another episode of "Rapid Review"
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-Ok guys, let's make the legendary move
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