Written in the Stars - Chapter 1 Part 5/6 (Escrito nas Estrelas)

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I can't let you do this!
That house will remain closed untill we find a buyer!
That house is MINE, dad. It is I who has to decide her destiny.
I have powerful friends, who can help me stop this mad idea of yours!
I won't let you do this!
Are we clear? ENOUGH!
I've already made up my mind, dad. And there is not power in the world capable of stopping me.
Come back here, Daniel!
Not the house of Petropolis... Not there...
Don't go, Daniel. I will. Right now.
I have to check the conditions the house is in. It spent too many years closed.
My father went mad over this matter!
Mss. Francisca died in that house, and you know this.
Your father is traumatized.
But it's none of his business, Antônia!
I'm going to use that house now, it's an emergency.
After this I'll decide what to do with it.
What about Beatriz? Will you let her beep to death in the computer?
Bye, Antônia.
Take care, alright?
Come, come.
Give me a bottle of water, please?
It will just be a minute, Pepe. We need gas to reach Petrópolis.
Wait here, buddy.
Two bucks. Two?!
Two bucks is all I have left. Thanks.
Some of the jewels were found, and one of the suspects, Viviane Ferreira, escaped,
ran away, leaving in the shack documents informing her identity.
Viviane had in her hands some of the jewerly stolen.
And is now a runaway from justice.
The police already has the name of other suspects...
Calm down, doggy. Calm down. I'm a good girl...
Now we're going, Pepe! Petrópolis awaits us!
Happy birthday, my dear sister-in-law!!!
May you have a lot of health, alright.
A toast to the greatest woman in the world!
May the other women forgive me.
Thanks, José... Thank you all for the surprise!
It was hard taking her away from home... She was so worried with Daniel.
Now is a time for joy! Jair, turn on the music!
Yes, sir!
Put Fábio Júnior!
Huguinho, Zezinho, Luizinho, come!
Let's eat the cake grandma baked! Chocolate fillings!
Daniel argued with his father before leaving.
Oh, soon they'll be alright again... Isn't it always so?
No... this time, it's more serious. Do you know where Daniel went?
Pick up the phone, Daniel...
It's your grandpa Ricardo, Pepe. Should I answer him or not?
Ok... you're the boss.
Hi, dad.
Daniel, where are you? On my way to Petrópolis.
Come back to Rio immediately! Give up, dad!
Who are you? No no no, I swear I can explain it!
Wait a minute... I recognize you!
You're the girl who brought the wounded to the clinic!
Aren't you?
I almost didn't recognize you! Back at the clinic you were all wet and dirty!
Yeah, I had spent the entire day on the rain, on the mud...
I was really impressed by your courage.
How come I never saw you back at the community health center?
Oh, my health is great.
I used to work on my father's clinic.
But then I hear of this opportunity to work at the health center...
Oh! I thought the name of the clinic was so funny! What is it again?
Assisted human reproduction?!
I didn't get it. People go there to watch the reproduction?!
No, no... There they use several methods to help those who can't have children.
Have you ever heard of artificial insemination?
Yeah, yeah... I heard it on TV once, but...
I don't know... I think...
I think if I couldn't have a child I'd just adopt one.
Yeah. Me too.
But people choose what they think best, right?
I think it's beautiful... this choice of becoming a doctor.
I would have chosen that, but I had to start working too early.
My father has this addiction... He's addicted to betting. He...
lost everything. House, money, everything.
But... he had never stolen before.
Do you know where he ran away to?
I'll have to disappear for a while too. But soon I'll start looking for him.
A good lawyer would rid you of this accusation. Clean up your name.
I have no money to pay for a good lawyer!
It's impossible. I can hire one for you.
My mother left me- No, no, no. Stop.
I noticed you have money, but I don't want it.
Don't be so proud, girl!
It would just be a loan.
Ha! And how would I pay you back?
No documents, no clothing, who would give me a job?
Me. I could use some help in the house of Petrópolis.
That place needs cleaning.
And, above all, I have this idea of turning it into a shelter.
If you accept, you could be a kind of secretary.
What do you think?
You're crazy, right?
What if I'm really a thief? What if I rob you?
No... you're a good person.
What you did for those people during the storm...
the things you told me about your life...
I like people like you, Viviane.
Crazy? Brave.
Capable of fighting for others.
Besides all that, you're smart.
Funny... spontaneous...
and very pretty too.
Ih... you're already hitting on me... Men are all alike.
I swear I'm not hitting on you. Really, I'm not.
I wanna be your friend.
I just can't guarantee that I'll never fall in love with you.