Brazilian Beach Volleyball Tournament - Red Bull Latitude Zero 2012

Uploaded by redbull on 27.09.2012

I'm Ricardo, I'm 37 years old, and I'm Brazilian.
Bruno Schmidt, defender of the southern hemisphere.
I'm Maria Clara Salgado, I'm Brazilian and I'm 29 years old. I am representing the southern hemisphere.
Everything is uninterrupted and then everyone joins in a mixed quartet, 45 minutes long.
I think the heat will be the biggest challenge.
Guess? The southern hemisphere of course.
Despite the intense heat of Macapa, 40 degrees on the court, the southern hemisphere is doing very well. We are working well together,
we are doing very well. The girls are blocking and attacking, so we are trying to close the game on our side.
It was a great day, a day that meant a lot in my career, a new title that I did not have yet.
So this is a day… "special" is the word. A new title, one more to my collection.