Alt For Norge The russ

Uploaded by ExtraSamsote on 25.04.2010

the 17th of may is the best of all days
At this day we drink 4 million liter Soda. And eat 16 million hotdogs
in addition to the pollen season has started. this is also the season for The Russ
The Russ is most Commonly red or Blue
They get Dirty fast and like to put a little bit of everything in their hats
The russ are often Drunk
And social gathering often happens in parks or old busses
Russ is a Norwegian phenomenon.
and is something most Norwegians have to go through in their youth.
Since the Americans shall live as norwegians. Must they too through a norwegian Russ celebration
Alt for Norges First Team contest involves the team trying out as Russes
They shall compete in gathering the most russ Tokens
Everyone on the team that win are safe
Its on the loosing team we will find the person that is sent home
Red Team: Joseph, Grant, Flannery, Signe and Maja
Blue Team: Clinton, Dough, Kari, Deborah and Mathew
The Americans have no idea what the have to do. And the explanation frightens them
The first token the red team is trying out for is eating kebab in 10 min without using their hands
Drink half a liter beer with two tampons in the mouth
Drink a whole beer without using hands
Drink a whole beer While Peeing
At the same time the blue team has made good progress with the token collecting
With alot of help from the girls at the bus, Woodpeckers
eat a kebab in 10 min without using hands
To get the next token they have to kiss a Russ of the same Gender
Something the americans have big issues with
both Grant and Joseph refuses to do the kissing Token
Drink a bottle of wine in 20 min
eat a hamburger in two bites