Dictator Eating Hot Dog - North Korean TV 2

Uploaded by KimJongUnOfficial on 19.12.2012

The hairs are just perfect.
His fingers are very beautiful.
His eyes are shining like stars. His lips are red like roses.
The ears are very beautiful. Just perfect. So it should be! He hears evrything, so beware. He even knows your thoughts from afar. Yes.
Yes, watching our leader is wonderful. It's good for the heart.
It is so wonderful, I've got jizz in my pants.
Work good and work hard, do it for our nation.
Then our leader won't punish you, no jail or starving.
Surely you will be happy.

If you work good, if you are a good disciple,
maybe someday Master Kim will shake your hand.
That will be your best day.
Maybe you will get a Hot Dog, too.
It tasted good, it is the taste of victory.
The taste of victory is in his mouth, be happy, North Korea!
Maybe today you don't understand the way which our Master and Lord leads,
But someday you will understand it very clearly.
Rejoice all, fellows of our Master Un.