How-to Make Pithla (Maharashtrian Chickpea and Onion Gravy)

Uploaded by Indiafoodnetwork on 19.01.2013

Welcome to Archana's Rasoi. Today, I'm making Pithla. After Zunka, Bhakri, a quick recipe of Pithla! Keep watching Archana's Rasoi.

The Pithla we're making today will easily serve 4 people. Let's go over the ingredients...
You need: 1 cup chickpea flour, 1 tsp mixed masala, coriander for garnish, 2 onions, finely chopped, salt to taste...
1 tsp ginger-garlic-green chilli paste, pound or half crushed in a mixer, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp turmeric, water to cook and oil.
Let's get started! First, we heat the oil, about 2 tbsp.

Once the oil heats, 1/2 tsp cumin seeds, 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp ginger-garlic-green chilli paste and some coriander.
Our seasoning is ready. We'll add 2 finely chopped onions and stir fry it well. Now we'll add salt to taste.
As the onion cooks, we'll take the chickpea flour in a bowl and mix it with water, ensuring there are no lumps.
If there are lumps in the mix, the pithla will have little flour balls, which ruins the texture of the curry
We're using approximately 1 bowl chickpea flour, add 1 tsp mixed masala and water. We're now mixing it well, with no lumps.
We're now adding the gravy to the seasoning, where the onions have fried well.
We need to constantly stir the chickpea flour, as it tends to stick to the pan. You can add more water, if you like.
With this recipe, if you want to skip the cumin seeds in the seasoning, for those who don't like the seeds...
Then you can add the cumin seeds to the ginger-garlic-green chilli paste and grind it together.
This has now mixed well. We'll cover the pan with a lid and let it steam for 5-10 minutes. We'll splash some water on the lid.
You remember I explained why I add water to the lid- to avoid the ingredients from sticking to the pan and burning. We now wait for 5-10 minutes.
Let's see if the Pithla is ready? Turn the flame off.
Pithla is now ready! How do i know if it's done? The gravy almost turns transparent. Now we know our Pithla is ready.
Let's put the Pithla in a bowl now...
We add coriander for garnish! Bhakri goes best with it! I'm sure you've already subscribed to India Food Network!
There are many variations to Pithla, if you know some, write to me, as soon as possible, only on Archana's Rasoi!