Extr@ English | 29 - Camping

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Hello Nick. Have you lost a button?
Ahh! Ha - hi Bridget. Huh-uh. … I've just
… practising. Ha-ha!
Practising what?
I am going to join - the SAS.
Special Air Service? You?
What's so funny?
Nick, the SAS is for tough guys! Real men who are fit.
They're highly trained.
I was in the Scouts.
You were in the Scouts?
Oh Annie, Nick's going to join the SAS.
Oh, that's wonderful, Nick. Erm, don't you need special training?
It's OK, he was in the Scouts!
Here in the National Camping Exhibition …
Oh, there's Hector.
… It is all tents, tents, tents.
… In every shape, size and colour.
And Eunice.
… And we will be showing you the best …
… And the worst of camping.
So, stick around … back to studio.
Shall we go and try out some sleeping bags now Hector?
Shall we go and try out some sleeping bags, Hect-or? Huh!
Calm down Annie, it's only a television report.
I know but, well he's been working with Eunice a lot recently.
… And?
And well I'm just worried that he,
well, that she, well, oh you know!
Annie, don't be silly, you've got nothing to worry about.
Although - Hector is a good looking man!
Yep, and she's a good looking woman.
Brrr! Pow-pow-pow! Incoming, Broad Sword calling Danny Boy, Broad Sword calling Danny Boy
I was watching that!
Not any more. Go on, it's late, back to your own tent.
What's so funny?
You, a scout!
Yes, so!
I can just imagine
trying to light fires.
Helping old ladies across the road.
Tying knots.
What was that?
I didn't hear anything.
Hello Hector!
Oh, good evening, Annie.
Don't you mean 'good morning'?
Where have you been?!
Oh, you know, for a couple of beers.
Who with?
With the lads.
Oh, so erm, when did the lads start wearing LADIES' PERFUME?!!
Oh, I forgot, Eunice was there too.
Oh, so erm, what did you talk about?
Tents? You talked about tents all night?!
Where? In her tent? Or yours?!!
Annie! An…
Oh yes! I've got it!
Oh, it was my turn for the toy!
No, you've got The Incredible Hulk. So I get two turns.
Hey, Nick. Uh?
What do you think of Eunice?
Ha! Well, she isn't an English Rose.
No, I don't think she is a flower.
No, it's a saying. An English Rose. A sweet, pretty girl, like Annie.
Oh no! Eunice is not a sweet, pretty girl!
No. Eunice is more, erm …
What is that plant that grows all over walls in England?
...ivy? Yeah, ivy.
Eunice is more like English ivy.
What do you mean?
Well she …
… Likes dancing?
No, no, she …
She's all over you?
Hah. Do you like it?
I see trouble ahead.
What's so funny?
Come on, share the joke!
It's Hector.
Hector came home late last night, is that it?
He was out with Eunice!
Oh, don't worry about Eunice, she likes flirting, that's all.
Hey, this'll cheer you up. Look what I found.
Oh, it's pictures of us when we were Brownies. Aah.
Oh, and you're wearing the Brownie uniform! Ah.
It still fits!
Ooh, look at all your badges!
What was the Brownie law?
A Brownie guide thinks of others before herself …
… And does a good turn every day.
Remember the Brownie law, Annie.
OK. OK. Hello Hector, how are you?
Did you have a good night's sleep? What was left of it!
Dib-dib, dob-dob. Ha-ha.
What's all this then?
It is the Brownie salute.
Ha! That's not a salute!
This is a salute. What do you think, Hector?
Well both salutes are nice.
Brownies. Boy Scouts.
Brownies. Boy Scouts.
What are you talking about? What are Brownies? Biscuits?
When Bridget and I were little girls, we were Brownies.
We went camping, we sang songs.
We were given badges for good works.
Brownies are for girls! In the Scouts we survived
It was just like being in the SAS, wasn't it Nick.
So what are all those badges for?
This one is for first aid.
Ah-hah, and what is second aid - or third aid!
First aid is for helping people who are HURT!
How hurt?
Like if they can't breathe.
Shall I demonstrate, Bridget?
Go ahead, Annie.
Lie down, please, Hector.
Now, this is called the kiss of life.
Oh-ho-ho, sounds good!
It means I breathe into your mouth!
And if you still can't breathe, I do this.
Well, that is … … Oh!! Oh!!
And I keep doing this, until you can breathe!
Are you breathing yet?
Yes, yes, yes, I can breathe!
Ah! And that is my good turn for the day.
Now Nick, bites and stings.
No thanks.
Of course, when I was in the Scouts, I went camping.
So did we.
Ah, but this was proper camping, survival.
What, like the SAS?
Ha! We had to live off the land.
What? No tins of baked beans?
So could you do a survival test?
Yeah, no problem. Yeah!
Right then. We will give you a survival test.
What is a survival test?
You'll see, Just be prepared.
Ready for your survival test, boys?
Certainly am. Aha.
OK, test number one.
The jungle is full of horrible things that creep and crawl.
And some that wriggle everywhere.
Especially worms!
OK. Test number two.
You have run out of food, so you have to eat whatever you can find.
Open very wide please! Ready?!
OK. Test number three.
I haven't touched you yet!
I'm sorry boys, you have failed the survival test.
But erm, in the jungle it is going to be different.
Yeah, we were just pretending. Aha.
It wasn't real. Oh-ho!
What? Like real camping.
Why don't we do it?
Do what? Let's go camping!
We haven't got a tent.
Well, Hector can get us a tent from the National Camping Exhibition.
Well isn't tomorrow the last day of the exhibition?
And you and Eunice will be doing another report!
Well then, you can buy a tent and come home early.
Oh, you'll miss your drinks after work. Shame!
Oh, shush … shush-shush, you will wake Annie.
Hey, I have an idea. I must show you to Annie.
Shh, shh. You know, I have a better idea. Ha-ha-ha!
Come, come!
Come, you too, come, come.
Nick! Ah?
Nick, wake up!
Oh, no more beetles! Ah!
Hector?! Nick.
What's going on?
I've got it. Got what?
The tent!
Oh, that's nice.
Come on, let's put it up.
What? The tent!
Oh, Hector! Have you seen the time?
It's three o'clock in the morning!
Is it? Really?
But wait a minute. Where have you been?
For a couple of beers - and a dance.
What's that on your collar?
Oh, pink paint. It's nice.
When Annie wakes up, she is going to be cross with me.
If she sees that on your collar, she will be.
Have you been dancing with Eunice?
You are dead!
But, when Annie sees that I bought the tent,
she is going to forgive me.
At three o'clock in the morning?!
Late night shopping!
It is OK, Charley, it is me, Hector.
Where shall we put it? HERE!
Here, in the middle.
Guy ropes.
What? Guy Ropes, who is he?
No. Guy ropes. Ropes called guy ropes.
Oh, somewhere here …
Hey, look … That's them …
Tie them to the furniture.
There, that is it. Right, let's go to bed.
Oh! Oh!
What, what's this? Who put that there?!
Hi Annie, I've bought you a tent.
What is going on?
Well, do you like your tent? Eh?
Anyone for camping? Ah!
Oh, it's so cold!
I'll warm you up.
Did somebody say something?
I want a hot drink!
We can't even make a fire!
And there's no water left!
How long have we been here?
Oh, it feels like ages!
It's so creepy.
Yeah. Very creepy.
Oh, are you tired, Hector?
Did you have another LATE NIGHT with Eunice?!
So who's going to go outside and get us some water.
Well I won't. Well I won't either.
Oh all right, I'll go, but if I'm not back in ten minutes,
you can have my Action Man collection.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Off you go.
Morning, Nick dear. Thought you and your friends would like a nice cup of tea.
Oh, thanks Mum.
Oh, thanks Mrs Jessop.
Next time in EXTRA.
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and Annie is looking for trouble.
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