2013 Dynastar Exclusive Active LX Skis Review By Skis.com

Uploaded by skisdotcom on 17.07.2012


Hi I'm Annie and I just jumped off the Dynastar
Active LX. I give this ski a
4 out of 5. It's an all mountain carver.
This particular ski right is a 2012
I wasn't able to grab 2013
so the graphics for this year
will be different. It was a very energetic
ski. It need a little help on
stability and short turns but
it held really nice on he long turns. It was fexlible
poppy, it really carried a lot of energy.
I think there would be plenty of room for growth and
intermediate skier would be happy with this and then they
would be able to advance quite nicely. Again I give it a 4 out of 5.