Arirang mass games 2011 in North Korea, a long summary

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We pay the greatest tribute to the great leader, the father of the nation Kim il sung.
The people are the masters of the revolution, and the power of the masses is infinite.
To improve the lives of fellow countrymen, for the dignity of the human.
Warm-blooded comrade, conviction Comrade
sovereignty (self reliance)
Shed tears at the doorstep, and farewell to you..
Have a vast aspiration. (chinese)
(Kim il sung) overcome bloody battle and great distances of hardship, finally defeated Japanese imperialism Great distances of snow blizzard
People greet and attribute glory Bloody battle and great distances of hardship
Our greate marshal cultivated strong army with parental love
Strong and prosperous nation
with the father general
Red red rhododendrons bloom in spring
Here is liveable my hometown
Socialist paradise
How will rejoice if leader saw!
Modernization and informatization of the national economy
CNC technology : Proud of Machinery Industry in generation of military focus policy
Independent superpower prosper forever
Thunder of Jong-il summit
Great country that shine sun of the Juche Triumph of the conviction
Great country that shine sun of the Juche Triumph of the will
Great country that serves Baekdu general Triumph of the will
Let the entire world know the dignity of our nation.
The house where stars kept the dream.
Hold spirit of sublime Jong-Il summit
Hometown which has brought great honor of the century
There is divided Arirang ethnic
Tragedy of the land where son is not able to recognize his mother because of more than a half years division.
How long should the Arirang nation live with divided state because of a tragedy brought by foreign influence?
Our great leader’s dying injunctions is fatherland reunification
(let’s open) the door of reunification by our nation's hand
Kangmei (Fight america) Yuanchao (help North Korea)
(We pay) the greatest tribute to the great leader Kim il sung and other communist leaders.
Communism must advent We pray for the prospering socialist China
Arirang of the beautiful land of Korea
Independence, Peace, Friendship
Long Yalu River meanders, soaked in blood Arirang of the eternal sun
Oh Our exalted leader General Kim Il-Sung Viva la Korean Workers Party which organize and guide every victory of north korean people.
Long live Kim Il-Sung korea!
Rakrang, Mangyongdae, Moran summit, Botong river, Daedong river, Jung-gu station, Sun bridge