Reptil.TV - Folge 46 - Daytona 2012

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As you just heard, today we're at the National Reptile Breeders' Expo in Florida.
This expo usually shows the trends that the business will follow. And it takes place in early summer.
Today I want to show you the newest trends and the newest animals.
The Expo just opened its gates and more and more people are entering the expo.
The gates have been open for 5 minutes and now I'll show you around.
This is the booth of Reptile Industries.
Kim and Marc Bell are in the reptile business - when I started my business, they were already really big breeders with a large shop..
... they are one of the cofounders of the reptile business as we know it today.
Let's have a look at their animals.
Of course they have quite a number of Ball Pythons.
Black Pastel Ghost.
These are great, Enchi Albino.
They really appeal to me.
This is a Putter Pied
This is my highlight of this year's show - at least of all the animals I've seen.
Here we have a Super Pastel Superstripe
You all know the Superstripe, and this animal as Super Pastel. The colours are just insane.
Incredible. That a living reptile can have these colours, it's almost unbelievable.
In my opinion, one of the highlights of this years show.
This animal is also very nice. It's a Pastel Butter Genetic Stripe.
Here we are with Vin Russo. His Company is CuttingEdgeHerp.
I believe Russo is well know because of the Russo Leucistic or the Het Russo's
The Boa people will probably also know him, because he has bred a lot of Boas.
Here we have a Camarillo. Camrillo is a combination, 2 times recessive Caramel bred with Ultramel.
A fantastic animal! Intense yellow.
They hatch with this shade of yellow and they stay that way for the rest of their lives - with this bright yellow, just as you can see it.
Here we have the newest variation of the Corn Snakes. A Palmetto Corn.
It was found like this in the wild. It was found on a chicken farm. There is a really interesting story to it.
The first animal that appeared was killed with a spade by an employee. Some people are like that, when they see a snake they kill it.
The owner was quite upset. She said that if he were to kill one more snake he'd get fired.
Then they noticed that something is strange about the dead snake and the colour the snake has.
And everybody fret up that they killed the snake.
Some time later - I don't know exactly when - another one of these snakes appeared. This animal was then used for breeding. That's how the Palmetto Corn came to be.
It's a recessive type, so you need to have to gene two times if you want to pass it along.
Here we have the racks from Freedom Breeder.
In the US, it's the most commonly used rack for keeping Ball Pythons.
The nice guy over there is Lindy. He founded the business over twenty years ago.
This a good example of a well designed booth.
Here we also have a nice booth. Women of American Herpetoculture.
There we have one of the models posing.
There we have one of the models posing.
Here we are with Sloan Reptiles. Nick and Justin are brothers and they run the business together. I believe that last year I already got them on tape.
As you can see they are quite young. But they have already bred some really spectacular morphs. They work a lot with Campaigns’'.
And I would say they are becoming a top notch player in the Ball Python Business.
Here we have a beautiful animal. A Pastel Calico Genetic Stripe.
Here we have a Pastel Mimosa. A Mimosa is a Ghost Champagne.
Here we have a booth about Hook-noses'.
Here we have Snow Hooked-nose Colubrid.
As far as I know, with the Hook-nose colubrids, the Anacondas or Condas are the snakes with the spots on it.
In allusion to spots on the Green Anaconda.
An Albino Super Conda.
This is an Albino Super Conda. The Super Conda becomes a patternless.
We are now with Amir Soleymani.
Here we have an absolute highlight! A Pastel Highway.
The colour is incredible. For me this is, along with the Super Pastel and the Super Stripe this Pastel Highway is the animal of the show.
Here we have a Citrus Mocha Puma.
This snake has four morphs inside. Puma, that is a combination of Yellow Belly and Spark.
And Mocha and Citrus.
It looks a bit like it is moulting, but Amir said that this isn't the case. The snake just looks like that.
This is a Citrus Calico Spark.
Alright, he just said that they soon will have more information.
A Mocha Chrystal, called Cassandra.
You can see some of the dark markings from the Special in it.
Here we have a witty way to sell Chondas.
They are just some jars with a screw top.
Punch in a few breathing holes. Place a bar in the middle of the jar.
And there we have the Chondas hanging on the bar.
Now I'm at Brock Wagner's booth.
The price for a Banana is still sky high. 30.000$ for a male.
Here we have a Spark. You need a Spark if you want to breed a Puma.
Here we have some Mimosa.
Here we have BHB's booth. Brian Barczyk.
There we have Lori. But she has her back turned towards us.
She's known for the Lori Balls.
There we have Brian.
He's always got an open ear for all the next generation of breeders and terrarium owners.
He's everybody's darling. The young folks want to talk to him and shake his hand.
Brian from SnakeBytes TV.
He's standing there with my wife, with Stella.
She's talking to Brian's daughter, Jade.
Let's have a look at his animals.
Quite a number of Corn Snakes.
Here he's got various King snakes.
Here we have the Californians’.
A few years ago, these Hi White Californians’ were a sensation.
I still remember that year. I imported them.
That was an important highlight. Now you can buy them for 80 bucks.
Albino Brooks, a few years ago they also cost a few hundred or even thousand dollars. Now they are priced at 50$.
Here we have some Scaleless. But not Corn Snakes, they are Texas Redsnakes - therefore obsolete.
That should be Lin Timery.
They've been around a few years as a Scaleless.
The good ol Rainbow Boa.
Here we have a really beautiful animal. A Lavender Pinstripe.
Here we have a really beautiful animal. A Lavender Pinstripe.
The dark animal below is the Lavender Pin.
The one atop is a Killer King Spinner.
A combination of 5 to 6 animals.
Super Pastel ...
Super, Pastel, Lesser, Spider, Pinstripe, Killer Kingpin.
This is Snake Keeper's booth.
Snake Keeper's are know throughout the world for its animals.
The company belongs to Dan and Colette Sutherland. Here we have Dan.
This is Colette.
They are known for the Snake Keeper Axanthic line.
They were the first to breed the Tri Stripe.
Here we have the Tri Stripes.
Axanthic Spider.
Here we have an Axanthic Bumblebee
These are their highlights.
Albino Tri Stripe.
Below we have a True Ghost. True Ghost is an Axanthic bred with a hypomelanistic. That's what really brings out the Ghost.
Here we have an Anxatic Piebald.
The animal below is a Lavender Tri Stripe, unfortunately it is molting at the moment.
Here we have a Ghost Clown.
The animal on top is a Ghost Clown.
The animal beneath is a Pastel Banana.
Here we are with Greg Graziani from Graziani Reptiles.
He's also known worldwide. He's been in the business for a very long time.
The last years he did a lot for the Python Hunters, and became quite well known.
Everything you can see in this bin is from the new Leopard line.
The Leopards have been around for only a few years.
Here we have something really interesting. This is a so-called auction.
Right now it's 9pm. Right now they are holding off an auction. The revenue goes to the US ark.
Everybody with an exhibit gives a product - some even give an animal - you can place your bid on the tables here.
You can place your bid and try to win the auction.
The really expensive stuff is auctioned right up there on the stage by the man - he's the one we can hear right now.
Here we have a Pinstripe.
Pinstripe male.
The current bid is 148$.
Here we have Leatherback Bearded Dragon.
The current bid is 100$.
... for 600$. Vanilla Pastel male for 600$. That's a fantastic price.
The revenue is for a good cause.
Here we have some nice and large Radiatas.
Here we have some small ones.
However it's probably impossible to obtain a CITES.
Here we have a Sulphur Monitor.
Handsome guy.
A Black Water Monitor.
We are now with Ryan Gittman. The company's name is Underground Reptiles.
He's into breeding Albino Tegus.
This is an Albino Blue Tegu.
Unfortunately, there is no scientific name for the Blue Tegus. For that reason, he can't export them.
He isn't trying to get the egg to open, is he?
He'll pet them until ...
I don't believe it.
Not really?
No, no, that can't be.
That's unbelievable.
Here we are with Shawn Heflick. He's into breeding Albino Gators.
Here we have a little one that is hatching at the moment.
The Americans are stone-cold, they bring their eggs to the expo - and you can look at the babies while they are hatching.
This is one day later. Today is Sunday.
Yesterday we saw the small one poking out his nose. Today he's almost halfway out of the egg.
He's taking his morning snooze. He'll probably have made it out by night.
They are known throughout the world for their Bearded Dragons.
By now, it is common to name all red Bearded Dragons, Sandfire.
But that's wrong. It was the Sandfire Dragon Ranch who were first to breed and evolve those nice red animals.
Here they are, the Sandfire Dragons. They are for sale at 200$ each.
Some real nice red Barties.
Here we have the Sandfire Yellows.
They're at sale for a hundred.
Red Gold.
Pastel Dragon.
Here we have some Leatherbacks.
Again, some small Leatherbacks.
Here we have the different Hypo Trans'.
Hypotrans Leather.
If you like it a bit more spiky, these Giant Horned Lizards could be something for you.
They are super cool and spectacular animals.
Here we are with Big Fat Geckos.
Some very nice Rhacodactylus.
Each and every one is fed here.
That's comical.
Quite a task, feeding each and every one - each and every morning.
This one looks thirsty.
It may be the case that he's absorbing one or the other morsel while he's drinking.
Not bad at all.
Sunday evening, 5pm. The expo is ending.
I hope all the animals I showed you were interesting for you.
I tried not to solely show Ball Pythons - even though there so many around here.
But I also wanted to show you the saurians and snakes that are for sale, here in the US.
I hope you enjoyed this episode. Stay tuned!
And check my Balls, back home!
That would be fun if we would do something like this in Hamm.
The vets and the inspectors would probably faint, if they see something like this there.
What a disaster!
This is Greg Trumbower. You can see: a ponytail!
Let me grab a cup of coffee and then do it again ... nah!
Ok, that was...
... well, that's...
This is Michael Jolliff, known for his Jolliff Axantics.
That drivel could put you to sleep.
This is Freedom Breeders Lindy. As you can see, he's got a ponytail.
This is the Rep Room. And again - the well-known - ponytail.
This is the Gourmet Rodent.
It's Bill Brants' company.
And again, a ponytail section.
What a drivel.
This is Alby's "Too Cool" Reptiles.
And again - we've got a ponytail.
I'll try it without all the slipslop about ponytails.
This is Marc Bell. He doesn't wear a ponytail, but at the back he's also got the long hair.
Let's do it again!
This is Ben Siegel Reptiles.
They all used to have a ponytail. But now all the hair has disappeared.
All the big breeders in the world have a ponytail!
I'm no exception: However, mine is still small. But one day it'll be as big as the ones the Americans have.
This is something very special!
Let's put an end to this!