Dennis Interview

Uploaded by workwithoutlimits on 15.01.2013

I've worked on and off since becoming disabled
back many years ago.
Right now, I work in health care policy.
I'm... I work for a place called
the Disability Policy Consortium.
I'm not somebody who can sit at home.
And the work that I'm doing is actually
being part of implementing change at the state level
and the federal level.
And for me, that's more beneficial than a salary.
The greatest benefit I received from Mass Rehab
was the equipment that they gave me.
They gave me a computer, they gave me a door opener.
I had this very savvy rehab counselor who was able to get me
an environmental control unit in my apartment
so I was able to turn on and off the lights,
open and close my windows,
and turn on and off the fans, TV, things like that.
And she was able to see past that finite definition
of what equipment people need to understand that I really need
control of my environment to be able to function at home
and work from home.
I feel that whatever someone's disability is,
that we all have a right and an obligation
to contribute to society.
Be out there, contribute, do something with your life
that will bring you value and bring value to other people.
You'll feel better at the end of the day.