Interview with Na`Vi.LighTofHeaveN @ ASUS FBotY 2012

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 14.12.2012

You can see Dmitriy Kupriyanov,
Know as LOST or LightToHeaven
Standing next to me
Hi, Dima!
Let’s start from DreamHack
One of the tournaments which was held in 2012 and
Which you have lost completely
What do you think about the first fail of this year?
Well, we started making experiments during the tournament
Unfortunately they weren’t successful
Our opponents played well as usually
Why did you make experiments with the team
You usually win and probably know how they play?
You’d better ask this question to experimenters
Which keep authority in their hands
Are you talking about Puppey?
He’s one of the main players
He’s the head of this clan
Yes, he’s captain of Na`Vi
What do you think about your defeat?
It’s only 2012 and since 2011 you’ve always been in Top3
Now you’re in Top 8
I was rather calm about it as we lost 2 tournaments
During the whole tournament we were showing decent results
The Top 3 is held for 1-2 years
They can be stronger or weaker
In the game with our team they showed really great results
in contrast to their performance in the Grand Final
the result was more than obvious
today you played 3 games at Asus
you have 2 victories and 1 defeat
you lost to Virtus Pro
according to Puppey you lost the game at the beginning
within 5 minutes since your start
it was likely XBOCT’s fault as he hadn’t defended his line
how can you comment this game?
I’d say that our opponents were rather lucky
For example with appropriate runes and different stuff
Secondly we started doing things which
We haven’t done before
Or weren’t prepared for that activity
Being prepared our opponent played better than we did
That’s all
Do you think this lineup of
Virtus Pro team can defeat you all the time?
I think that any lineup in the world can defeat us
If they do necessary things
it depends on them
I saw you and Puppey analyzing the game
You were watching the replay
Which conclusions have you made?
We must get in shape and play in the manner
We have been playing during these 2 years
Because every time new thing comes
As it was at DreamHack or even now
There’s a total fail that on 15-20th minute
We’re like a punching bag which is
Bashed up and crushed
What about such heroes as Jakiro
Do they still have such level
to rule almost the whole game?
They rule only in certain associations
Heroes which are ruling the whole game
Are situated in the foreground
i.e. Magnus, Sven, etc
that’s why these heroes are better to use in combinations
Which plans do you have for the end of this year?
Tell us about the tournaments
which the team is going to participate in and
about your plans as well?
First of all we plan to win Asus and StarLadder
Then to find something interesting for the first period of January
As there will be a lot of free time
To make some traveling plans
Some studying, excursions and so on if it’s possible
To find some educational institution
Where it will be possible to study for fee
What do you want to study?
Different things
Like management, personnel management
Education, influence
Everything dealing with human interactions
You want to say that you’re starving
For knowledge?
You wanna study and study?
I wanna improve my skills to enjoy it and gain some
Pleasant emotions
Talking about traveling
Where’d you like to go?
Abroad I think?
Talking about foreign countries
I’d like to go to Thailand
First of all as it’s like a resort where you
Can relax and learn many interesting things
India, but you should know right people there
I’ve been always dreaming of going to
Tibet and seeing what’s there
As it’s rather legendary place
Aren’t you afraid of the situation that
When you come back home from those places
You will have no desire to play Dota?
If I have better choice then everything is possible
Let’s talk about Dota again
What do you think about the fact that ArtStyle
Came back to the grand eSports stage with new team
Do you think he has any chances?
Everybody has chances
What can you say about the team?
I know only ArtStyle, Dread.
2 funny guys who were pleasant to play with
3 I “Idon’tknowwho” or 2 guys full of
Enthusiasm, emotions and pleasure
If they catch their wave like it was with NoTidehunter
Then they can really succeed
What about the Na`Vi`s courier?
I saw you’ve already played it
What can you say about this game and your impressions?
little animals are always cute and positive
they always attract the attention
the addition of the bag is an unique feature
what he brings and whom
bright and attractive colors
I see you like it
Yes, and of course, the advertisement
Which is always efficient
Not so free as this game costs some money
Yes, it costs little money though the prize fund
Is few times bigger
I heard this game brings good luck to Na`Vi
It’s colors – for sure
Do you prefer yellow color in your everyday life?
Do you think it’s a lucky one for you?
No, although I think this color is connected with luck
Yellow, golden colors, everything connected with the sun and
Energy attracts positive energy which you can use
What would you like to say in the end?
Thank you for your support and
Watch Na`Vi games!?
Just watch what you like
Thank you for the interview
Good luck!