Genghis Khan Episode 18 English Subtitle (Captions)

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Dalitai, Gone has he?
you can't understand the Mongol?
Tiemuzhen is over 40 now.
I don't meddle with his business anymore.
You can go and talk with him yourself after he's back.
But I'm afraid of him.
Tell him what you're afraid of.
Hedaan, make him go away.
Then you'd better go now.
Madame, I feel sorry for him.
He's hateful!
He left us twice,
now my son becomes powerful, How could he still have the cheek to see us?
He's really hateful,
but He's Tiemuzhen Khan's only uncle now.
Hedaan, lead him to Royal Concubine Yesui's place.
Just say it's my intention,
Let her plead with Khan on his behalf.
I'm going.
Madame asked me to take you to Royal Concubine Yesui's place.
Royal Concubine Yesui's place?
Maybe she can plead for you.
Well, I'm a man who committed mistakes.
I'm guilty towards Tiemuzhen and his family.
But Hedaan, I can swear by heaven,
Even in those days when I was not with them,
I still had kindred feelings for him and his mother.
It's the noble blood of the Borzijin family
that runs through my veins after all.
Follow me.
Royal Concubine Yesui's Worgan is right ahead.
AD.1205, Tiemuzhen return the army to the Hannan river.
You mentioned I had two happy events,
Defeating Sun Khan is one happy event,
What's the other? Tell me.
Come, sit down first.
What's so mystic?
I want you to see a person,
You'll be pleasantly surprised.
I wonder who the person is.
It is you!
What do you come back to do?
I am so nice to meet him.
I finally make my sister Tiemulun's soul be comfort.
Tiemulun's soul has been comfort.
Uncle Dalitai, get up.
Here you uncle and nephew don't need to stand on ceremony.
Haven't you heard
Khan said he's overjoyed to see you?
Tiemuzhen, I'm old
and about to die.
I wish so strongly I could have my family members around me
when I lie on my deathbed.
You wish?
What were you thinking when you left me suddenly?
What were you thinking when you and King Khan attacked me
at Halanzhentuo?
What were you thinking when you, Huchar and Aletan forced me to drink dirty water
and eat horse meat at the Banzhuni lake?
What were you thinking when my Mogolian Qiyan tribe was reduced from tens of thousands
to only 4600 men?
I? I was thinking about you.
You were cursing me!
Uncle Dalitai, get up.
Khan should thank you,
Why you behave like you're indebted to him?
I thank him?
Do you still remember
when we set up winter campsite with King Khan
Shangkun's plan to burn the ranch and plunder our people was thwarted?
It's uncle Dalita who gave Shangkun the advice.
He was trying to give you a chance,
to remind you that you should be cautious.
Didn't you change ranch
just because you had detected Shangkun's scheme?
Were it not for uncle Dalitai,
even if you had not been killed by Shangkun and Zhamuhe then,
you couldn't have escaped from their hands
in the Halanzhenshatuo battle.
Speaking of the Hlanzhenshatuo battle,
If King Khan had fought to the end,
The Qiyan tribe would've been annihilated.
Do you know why King Khan stopped the attack?
Again it was uncle Dalitai.
He persuaded King Khan to
stop attacking and withdraw from the battlefield,
so that you could get the chance to rest and recover.
It's ties of blood between the Borzijin family members
that made him do all these things.
Tiemuzhen, Tiemuzhen,
I have never had the ambition to become khan,
It's Huchar and Aletan who befuddled me with their wicked words.
In particular, your punishment of detaining me
and expelling me from the Kulitai meeting
broke my heart and humiliated me so much.
I left because I felt so ashamed before juniors and people of other families.
I don't mean tojustify my leaving,
In fact, I don't want to beg you to forgive me,
It's only that I'm old now,
I only beg you to pity me, a old lone man,
to grant me a small place where I can enjoy the last days of my life.
I ask for nothing more,
Tiemuzhen, Would you?
Get up.
I hate you, uncle.
But no matter how I hate you, I can't forget you,
an old fellow who always disappointed me.
The victory of the war against the Naiman tribe
finally made Tiemuzhen's dream to dominate the grassland come true.
His troops
already amounted to a hundred thousand.
The population under his rule surpassed a million.
The days of prolonged war when the grassland
was carved up by several warlords were gone forever.
The Heaven wants me to tell you,
That He gives the whole land to Tiemuzhen and his offspring.
Let him be Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan.
His supreme power rules all creatures,
his glory showers the Burhan Mountain.
The Great Kingdom of Mongolia is born.
It's wealth shall be shared by all its subjects.
Genghis Khan.
Genghis Khan dictates,
Though different overlords have appeared on the grassland,
it has never been unified since thousands of years.
From now on the people south and north of the Great Desert,
east ofJinshan, south of Linzhong
are all my subjects.
Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan.
Confer the title of Empress Dowager on Kerlun,
the title of Queen on Bortie.
The title of Khan's Concubine on Yesui, Yesugai and Hulan.
The subjects are divided into 95 Thousand-households,
Menglike commands the first Thousand-household.
Borshu the second Thousand-household.
Huhuali the third Thousand-household.
Hurchi the fourth Thousand-household.
Yelugai the fifth Thousand-household.
Shuchitai the sixth Thousand-household.
Hunan the 7th Thousand-household.
Hubilai the 8th Thousand-household.
Zhelemie the 9th Thousand-household.
Menglike father and son,
Your Majesty.
Menglike, you were the person my late father entrusted on his deathbed.
Your father Chalehe
died in order to stop the Taichiwus from defecting,
you and your son are also my hero?
Your son Wizard Kuokuochu
has obtained my title from the Heaven.
I will never forget the kindness of your three generations.
From today on, You have a seat beside me,
You can participate in handling state affairs together with me,
You can commit 9 crimes without being punished.
Thank His Majesty for the great favor.
You go and order Borshu and Muhuali to enter the tent.
Why Genghis Khan didn't confer a title on me first?
Does he think my contribution is not great enough?
Why are you laughing?
I've been with you since I was a child,
Now my beard is so long,
I've always served you most faithfully,
Haven't I?
Oh, your beard.
Your beard is really long.
Kerlun mother let me sleep at her foot,
and brought me up as her son,
you let me sleep at your side,
treat me like your brother.
I've never made a single error in handling affairs.
Now our country is founded,
How are you going to reward me?
Aren't you my adopted brother?
So I intended to reward you and my other brothers together.
But it looks like you can't wait any longer.
I confer the title of the Supreme Judge on you,
You can commit 9 crimes without being punished.
I don't intend to commit crimes,
What's the good of that?
A Judge?
Isn't that what Bielegutai did before?
Ah! You, the guy!
You idiot.
The supremejudge
assists me to edify my subjects.
Nobody is allowed to negate what you said
You can detect hypocrites,
punish thieves,
execute felons.
Cases you handle will be recorded down in documents,
Nobody is allowed to change laws you formulate.
With all these functions,
you're almost equivalent to the Hans' chief minister.
Chief Minister Wu.
Hurry, Thank Your Majesty for the favor
Thank Your Majesty.
Muhuali, Borshu wait for your office attendant.
I remember in that year when I was only 16,
and you were only 15,
you helped me take back 9 horses
from the Taichiwus.
Those 9 horses were the most valuable property
on which my family lived then.
We've been through thick and thin together since our boyhood,
Although I'm your khan, you're my subject, we're actually like brothers.
Great Khan.
Muhuali, do you still remember?
King Khan launched a surprise attack on us,
We lost our carriages and troops,
That night I slept with my clothes on,
You two sheltered me with felt for the whole night.
I slept so soundly, so warmly.
But you stood the whole night.
Wejust did what a subject ought to do.
But you treated me a Zhurqi slave as a human being.
I can't repay such kindness even if I bleed to death for you.
After you twojoined me, You became great generals,
like my two arms.
I confer the title of Right Ten-Thousand-Household on Borshu,
And the title of Left Ten-thousand-Household on Muhuali.
You are above the rest generals, can commit 9 crimes without being punished.
Thank Your Majesty for the favor.
Get up.
Hubilai, Zhelemie, Zhebie, Subutai,
Great Khan.
You are my 4 capable generals,
together with 4 Jies, Zhuchitai and Weidar,
you make up my 10 great heroes.
From now on you command the armies.
Great Khan.
Nayaa, you are always so diligent and honest.
I confer the title of Middle Army Ten-Thousand-Household on you.
Thanks Khan.
Suorhanshilai father and son.
Great Khan.
What titles do you want?
Do you understand what I said?
You family saved my life
by helping me escape from Talihutai's hands.
Just say what you want.
If Great Khan permits,
I want to be a free man.
Ah, to be Dalahan.
I want the Mierqi campsite
and Xuliang.
Fine, what else?
All other rewards are to be decided by Great Khan,
I won't refuse any of them.
Good. In addition,
Your offspring can inherit your campsite,
Chilawen, you can enter the main tent with you bow,
And talk to me directly without notifying my guards.
You father and son both become Dalahans,
can commit 9 crimes without being punished.
Thanks Khan.
Shuchitai uncle and nephew wait for your office attendant.
Your Majesty.
The Qiyan tribe is proud of you,
You've rendered many meritorious services.
Especially, by the Banzhuni lake,
You were the oldest among 19 generals.
We ate wild horse meat and drank dirty water together.
I make you the commander of 4000 Wuluxi men.
Uncle Shuchitai,
I give Gurbiesu to you to be your servant so you can enjoy
the advanced years of your life.
Your Majesty.
It's not that I dislike you for being plain,
or being narrow-minded.
But only a beautiful and talented woman like you
can match a hero like Shuchitai.
Great Khan.
Write is down,
give her 100 persons as dowry
plus two Situs.
Thank Your Majesty.
Thank Your Majesty for the favor.
Huorchi, you and I had an agreement,
and many can bear witness.
Today I confer the title of Linmuzhong Middle Ten-Thousand-Household on you,
Why don't you thank me?
Great Khan, I don't understand,
The people around the Yenisai river and the Lake Baikal haven't surrendered yet.
I'm going to send Shuchi to conquer them.
The ten thousand households that you command are very rich people.
Great Khan, You forgot one thing.
The 30 beautiful women.
Don't laugh! Don't laugh!
You can pick them as you please
among the people of Linmuzhong.
Thank Genghis Khan.
My brothers and sons
and Hechiwen's son
are to be royal kings,
who shall command the respective Thousand-Households and the Ten-Thousand-Households.
One thing I want to point out in particular,
It's my mother who've suffered the most in order to gather our people,
Shuchi is the oldest among my sons,
Tiemuge is the youngest among my brothers.
I give mother and Tiemuge ten thousand people,
Shuchi 9000 people.
The last matter is about uncle Dalitai.
Great Khan.
Do hear about that how I treated Huchar and Aletan?
When I was a child,
You followed the Taichiwus and abandoned my mother and me.
You only returned after I had my independent campsite.
But when we fought the Tatars, you disobeyed my orders,
after being punished, you surrendered to King Khan.
Do you still remember uncle Qiakuntaishi's last words
when you and Huchar returned for the first time?
Do you remember the old Mongolia adage of returning good for good and evil for evil.
Considering your repentance, I will let you live,
and deport you to some far away place out of my sight.
I know I'm guilty.
Genghis Khan,
You can't punish uncle Dalitai like this.
One's services must be rewarded and one's crimes must be punished. Don't interrupt.
I'm the Supreme Judge youjust appointed.
Why can't I interrupt?
One's crimes must be punished but the punishment must be commensurate with the crime.
Dalitai committed errors over and over again.
But each time he repented,
and returned to Khan of his own accord.
How can you set an example forjuniors
if you punish a repentant senior?
Each time uncle Dalitai came to you,
Khan was in danger and adversity.
This proves that he still can tell right from wrong,
distinguish enemies from friends.
He's not only not guilty,
but should be rewarded for his services.
No, I don't seek to render any service,
I only seek to avoid errors.
Great Khan.
The Mongolian call the youngest son "The One Who Guards the Cooking Stove ".
As long as the cooking stove exists smoke and fire will not disappear.
Dalitai is late khan chief Yesugay's youngest brother,
How can Khan abandon him?
Great Khan, if your father were still alive,
He would forgive
Dalitai certainly.
If you deport him to some faraway place out of your sight,
Won't you ruin your own cooking stove?
Let him guard your father's campsite
to keep Yesugay's cooking stove hot.
I make uncle Dalitai royal king.
Thank Genghis Khan.
Khan has rewarded our family too handsomely.
You 6 brothers must serve Khan most faithfully.
How Handsomely?
Father is only a Thousand-Household,
What contributions has that Tiemuge made?
Yet he's a Ten-Thousand-Household.
And Shuchi whose father was a Mierqi
also got 9000 households.
Stop talking nonsense!
I'm not talking nonsense.
When Tiemuzhen and his family were in the most adverse condition,
Who left them the last?
In the Thirteen-Wing battle,
Who left one side of the net open
and let Tiemuzhen break through Zhamuhe's encirclement.
When he wasjust defeated on the battlefield,
Who led his subordinates tojoin him and helped him make a comeback?
It was you,
Menglike, who deserted his own wife and children.
In the Thirteen-Wing battle,
Who sent a message to Tiemuzhen at the risk of life?
Who selected propitious days for him every time he went on an expedition
and helped him win every battle?
Who requested the Heaven
and made Tiemuzhen Genghis Khan?
It was my son, Wizard Kuokuowu.
Half of his country should belong to us.
He can't reward us enough.
Let me in.
Khan is resting.
I have an urgent matter.
Make way. Let me in.
Your Highness, You can't go in.
The Khan is...
Make way.
What's the matter?
I want to ask you,
Am I inferior to Shuchi in martial arts or military exploits?
Why you gave him 9000 households,
me only 1000 households?
Why you sent him to conquer the Linmuzhong tribe instead of me?
Have you finished?
Even if he's not of Mierqi stock,
am I of foreign origin?
Get out!
Get out!
Let me in.
Your Highness.
Let me in.
Your Highness. Your Highness, please don't go in.
Nobody is allowed in.
Wizard Kuokuochu disrespected the royal family,
robbed my hunting field without reason,
and also beat me up and my subordinates.
Please dojustice for your brother.
What? You were beaten up.
Haven't you said you would not be beaten by any living beings?
Why you ask me to dojustice for you?
Get out, you incompetent fellow.
What kind of princes are we?
Even a Ten-Thousand can bully us.
That Wizard becomes more and more arrogant and aggressive,
Many people under my rule and mother's
have fled to his campsite
by his instigation.
Khan believes him.
We can do nothing but eat dirt.
Everybody is here.
Sister-in-law. Your brother is very upset.
So, you haven't seen Khan for 3 or 4 days.
He doesn't need me to fight for him.
He won't miss me even if we don't see each other for 3 years.
All officers must keep their own troops
in good discipline.
And be prepared all the time,
so you can set out anytime
upon receiving the orders.
People are as submissive as calves in peace time.
But in war time they are like hungry eagles preying on beasts.
Sons don't respect and follow father's teaching.
Husbands don't believe in their wives' chastity.
Wives don't submit to their husbands,
Father-in-laws don't praise their daughter-in-laws,
Daughter-in-laws don't respect their father-in-laws,
Elders don't care for the young,
The young don't listen to words of admonition from elders,
The rich don't provide relief to the poor,
and disregard the customs and laws.
In such tribes, thieves,
liars, enemies
and imposters will block the sunshine over their campsite.
That is to say,
They will be robbed,
Their horses and cattle won't enjoy peace.
Something is wrong.
The Heaven tells me
An evil man is going to rebel.
You are going to shed blood again.
Go, follow me.
Nobody is allowed to wash clothes in the river,
or urinate into the river or onto burnt ashes.
It's forbidden to step over fire, tables and dishes.
One who angers the Heaven by one of the fore-mentioned behaviors
and causes thunder shall be executed.
Nobody is allowed to leave his Thousand-Household, Hundred-Household and Ten-Household,
or hide in other places.
If one violates this article,
The person who leaves without permission shall be executed in public,
Those who receive him
shall also be executed.
Genghis Khan. The Heaven has warned you.
What does the Heaven say?
Your second younger brother Hasar is a national hero, who excels in the arts of war
and is a sharpshooter, A few years ago there was already a rumor that he would seek independence one day.
The Heaven
asks me to tell Your Majesty
that Hasar thinks he and you together have founded the country,
So he and Tiemuzhen
should be khan alternatively.
It's impossible.
He hasn't seen you for days,
Now he replaces you as Genghis Khan in his own campsite.
Beat him.
Grandma, go and take a look.
Step aside.
Mother comes. Mother.
What crime has Hasar committed
so that you two brothers have to fight each other so fiercely?
Mother, Please calm down.
I can't.
You two depended on each other for survival when you were young,
Hasar has always been so faithful to you, and through thick and thin together with you.
Now you become Genghis Khan,
You can't even tolerate your own brother.
Mother, I'm guilty.
I shouldn't let you worry about
your son at such age.
Mother, please go back.
Hasar, let's go back.
It turned out to be Wizard Kuokuochu's plot,
I will add one article to my Zhasa law,
Those who stir up trouble between royal families
and sow dissension shall be executed.
Brother. I'm too ashamed to see people.
Tiemuge, what's the matter?
Wizard Kuokuowu hid
many of my people and mother's people.
I sent someone to demand the return of them,
He put a saddle on my man, and ordered him to crawl on the ground.
He told me to kneel down,
and insulted me in front of many religious people.
How come he's so arrogant?
What on earth is this son of Menglike up to?
You have already given him and his father the highest honor.
Why Menglikejust watched his son insult your brother
And didn't say a word?
Don't say anymore.
Your Majesty, it's not me that he insulted,
It's you, Genghis Khan.
Get up,
You didn't behave like a Mongolian warrior at all!
You knelt downjust because he told you to,
You let him insult youjust because he wanted to.
He will come to see me today.
You are Genghis Khan's brother.
Your Majesty.
Menglike Father, take a seat.
I want to hear your opinions about a matter.
Thank Your Highness.
Wizard Kuokuochu,
Yesterday you told me to confess my guilt,
Today I want to have a physical contest with you.
What do you want?
You're not young anymore, Don't be so reckless. Get out,
Go outside to have a contest. I don't want to see you.
Get away!
Your Majesty, Kuokuochu...
Don't listen to them.
Father. My brother is dead. Tiemuge killed him.
You are all my brothers,
I can't dissuade them, nor can I check you in.
Fight if you want to. Let me out.
Uncle Menglike,
I think you'd better take them back.
Sons, let's go.
The Wizard Kuokuochu is dead.
The custom of wizards speaking on the Heaven's behalf
and interfering with tribal affairs is also abolished.
Tiemuzhen became a true monarch.
His Suluding spear was ready to point to
the emperor of the Kingdom ofJin who nailed his ancestors on the scafford.
The north ofJin, the tribe Wanggu
Five-Thousand-Household Lalahushi of the Wanggu tribe
welcome Genghis Khan.
You and I
are sworn brothers,
Don't stand on ceremony.
Buyanxiban greets father.
My daughter Alahebieji is apple of my eye.
I must see whether she becomes fatter or thinner in a moment.
That daughter-in-law of mine is my lifeblood.
Who dares to treat her badly?
I her father-in-law won't put up with such things.
4 years ago you detained the envoy of Taiyang Khan of the Naiman tribe and turned him over to me,
and sent troops to help me destroy the Naimans,
you've really done me a big favor.
Well, you conferred the title of Five-Thousand-Household on me,
and listed me among the 88 heroes.
Your reward was handsome enough.
Does the emperor of the Kingdom ofJin know you are with me?
The Jin emperor Wanyanjin
indulges in sensual pleasures all the time.
And becomes a quite sick man.
He believes I'm still defending Jinzhou for him,
so there's no danger in the north.
Your daughter is coming.