Apple & Thyme Vinaigrette

Uploaded by RawFusionKids on 03.12.2012

I have always want to have a very natural salad dressing with no preservatives
and fat free. So I am going to teach you how how to make
a raw fresh Apple & Thyme Vinaigrette
using our Vitax Mixer or food processor
were going to take 1/4 cup of raw apple cider
vinegar has the mother
we going to take 1 raw garlic clove
and zest it with our micro planner
I have got 1/2 of an apple that's been chopped up
remove the skin and seeds
I've got a pinch of salt
we always like to use sea salt. A little bit of
fresh pepper
some fresh thyme approximately a teaspoon
and opposed to using
olive oil or any oil is just no good for ya
for you we are going to use dried plums
as our thickening agent. I like to start off slow with about three of them
we will reserve a couple for the end. Check our consistency
We also want to add about 3/4 cup of
water. This is purified water.
and blend it
so were going to start off slowly and then
were going to work our way up

Check our consistency
and we'll add two more of these
and blend

You always want to start
on the low setting with this blender and make sure the tops on
because it will hit the ceiling
and as simple as that you have a nice
creamy apple thyme vinaigrette