Heather and Terry Dubrow -- RHOC - Interview Grammys 2012 -- TurboTax GRAMMYs Backstage

Uploaded by TurboTax on 10.02.2012

Alright guys, we got Heather and Tony Dubrow from the Real Housewives of OC, holdin' it down.
This is like your backyard, LA. There's so much going on with the Grammys. Do you ever get tired of it?
Of this? No. This is fabulous.
This is fabulous. The Grammys are amazing. LA is amazing.
We've only been down in the OC for the last few years, but that's been really fun too. We've had a good experience down there.
Yeah and Newport Beach is a little bit south of this. Yeah, not too bad of a commute over there.
No. The scenery's a lot better too.
It's a beautiful area. It's a really nice place to raise children.
So, when I think of children and being here at Turbo Tax I think of so many deductions.
That's what you get when you have kids. Well we have four.
Well, yes. Deduction, deduction, deduction. Where's our deduction?
Ah... I'll ask the accountant. Call the guy.
[laughter] But you know they have experts you can call in when it comes to dealing with your taxes
so you make sure they're done right. But you guys are experts at being in front of the camera
all the time. How do you handle it?
What's some advice you would give somebody new that's getting into reality tv? Cause realities so big
that's going to be in front of the camera all the time. You know, I don't think you can prepare someone for this.
I mean, I think we're both very comfortable in front of the camera. Terry's done a couple of reality shows,
he was on the Swan and Rhinoplasty, but for me coming from a scripted background
and being an actress, this was just a totally different world.
It's just strange to be yourself.
Well this is reality for a lot of music artists, this weekend. Terry, who are you looking forward to seeing at the Grammys this year?
Lady Gaga of course. How about that.
You guys Lady Gaga fans? Oh yeah, for sure. Are you little monsters?
We are and you know our kids are such huge fans.
Uh huh. So basically their play list is my play list.
So, are y'all throwin' paws up too? [laughter] Yeah. Oh they got the paws up too.
You guys, have so much fun at the Grammys. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks a lot. Thank you.
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