THE TAX BILL (Weasel Town #5)

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Weasel Town is drawn in front of a live studio audience.
Can you believe this, Dutch?
What? Oh, I'm Dutch?
I just got my tax bill. It's $300!
Is that a lot?
I don't know, but I can tell you what: I'm not paying it!
You have to pay your taxes or you'll go to jail.
It's not fair! Poor people don't have to pay taxes!
Yes they do. But they don't make a lot of money, because they're poor,
so they pay less.
Exactly! They should have to pay more!
How does that make any sense?
You just don't understand economics like I do.
Well, you know who is exempt from paying taxes? Dead people!
Holy crap! You're right, Dutch! I need to fake my own death!
Good idea. But you realize, you will need to steal someone else's
identity, so that you can go on with your life?
Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. Can you help me?
Of course, buddy! You're in luck. I know a guy.
Are you Haunches' guy?
So where is he?
He couldn't come. He had to go to volleyball practice.
Well, I never heard him mention anything about playing volleyball
before, but that's okay. Come in.
I got your stuff right here.
You've got a passport, photo ID, gym membership, all with the name,
Lyondell Huckaby.ť
Great. How much?
No problem. So, tell me, what does Lyondell Huckaby do?
He is a migrant worker. One of those people who works out in the
fields for about 18 hours a day.
Sweet! I used to have a trust fund. I would just get free money. So
being a migrant worker is about the furthest thing you can get from
having a trust fund. Nobody will suspect a thing!
Genius. Well, I should be going.
Take it easy. And thanks a lot!
Toodle-do! Cheerio!
Oh man, Dutch!. You just missed that guy you know!
I did?
Yeah, he just left, Dutch!
Oh well. How did it go?
Great! You are now speaking to Lyondell Huckaby, migrant worker!
Nice to meet you, Lyondell. But what are you going to do with your
old identity?
I guess I'll just call the paper and say that I'm dead.
Or you can give it to me.
Would you really want it? I still didn't pay that $300 tax bill.
Oh, that's right. Well, you know what? I think I will take it. I've
been meaning to make a fresh start.
It's a deal!
What's that?
Oh nothing.