Flash Tutorial: Simple Fading -HD-

Uploaded by RCGTutorials on 04.01.2013

Today I'm going to be showing you how to create simple fades in Flash. First
drag an image from your Flash library onto your stage.
Then drag the keyframe from frame 1 to frame 24 and release.
Then drag it back to frame 1. This will create a copy of that frame across
twenty four frames.
Next click on the image and then press F8 on the keyboard. This will allow
you to convert the image to a symbol for animation.
Now select movie clip from the drop-down, type in a name for the symbol,
and click ok.
Next right-click on any of your key frames and select create motion tween.
Now move the playhead to frame one and click on the image. Then click on the
properties menu.
Then go down and open up color effect and select alpha from the style.
Then move the slider down to zero percent alpha.
Next move the playhead to frame 24, click the image, and then
click properties, and move the alpha to one hundred percent.
This creates an animation of the opacity over twenty four frames.
So press enter to see your fade in action.
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