AutoCAD 2012 - Online Tab

Uploaded by AutoCADWS on 21.03.2011

Welcome to AutoCAD 2012.
In this tutorial we will be introducing the new online features which give you access
to cloud storage and seamless integration with your smartphone or tablet.
To begin working with your file online, click the Upload button.
The first time you use any of the Online tab features, you’ll be asked to login to AutoCAD
If you already created an account on your mobile or on the web, you can use it to log
If you’re new to AutoCAD WS, you can easily create a FREE account.
Once you’re logged in, the file will be uploaded to your secure online account.
From this point on, your drawing will be available to view and edit on your mobile device and
the web.
Every change you make to the drawing in AutoCAD is automatically synced with your other devices
as well.
You never have to worry about working on the latest version, as AutoCAD WS always saves
your changes.
To manage files in your account, use the “Manage Uploads” button.
To manage files in your account, use the “Manage Uploads” button.
From here you can track and control the progress of all the files you’ve uploaded.
You can use the Upload Multiple Files button to add one or more files to your online account.
Open Online
To view a drawing in your browser click “Open Online”.
Using the AutoCAD WS web interface you can enjoy a rich feature set such as collaborating
in real-time and accessing shared files.
You can manage share and download the files in your online account by clicking the “Online
Drawings” button.
Using the timeline you can access and download previous versions of your drawing.
If you edit a drawing when you’re out of the office, you can download that version
at any time from the timeline.
Now you can save time and share drawings directly from AutoCAD without using email or FTP.
Use the “Share Drawing” button to send a link to your file. Simply type an email
address and share the drawing.
Your recipient doesn’t have to be an AutoCAD user and they don’t need to have an account.
They receive the Share link in an email and then they can view and edit it online or download
it as a DWG.
And when you share drawings directly from AutoCAD, all the fonts, Xrefs and CTB files
that are part of the drawing will be shared as well.
Another way to share files is to use the “Get Link” function.
Create a link to your drawing and paste it in emails, documents, or electronic brochures.
Even after the link was sent you can still disable it at any time.
We hope you found this tutorial helpful.
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