Pullip Customization 5 Mary Philbin

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 16.09.2012

TheYobean gave me this challenging job
She wanted a Mary Philbin custom pullip
Let's get started
Marker for eyeliner
Also on the eyelids

Brown chalk pastel for shadows
Though not shown on camera
All pigment need to be fixed with sealant
More chalk pastel for eye shadows
Color pencils for brows
Here's a trick: draft the eyebrows lightly first
Make sure they are even as possible
Then fill the eyebrows in
Color pencils for lashes
The key point is to make sure the pencil is sharp
Fast drying glue to stick the lashes on the eyelids
I purposely choose these dramatic lashes
It reminds me of old Hollywood Glam
Pink for blush
This is not from the character herself
But all eye makeup looks better with a bit of white
Acrylic paint for lips
Acrylic eyes installed
Now put everything back together
Her old look
Now her new look
Her look is inspired by Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the Opera
I like her dramatic lashes very much
Putting her next to Mary Philbin
I think I did a pretty good job