La Movida 1x01 - Cómo Conocimos A Nuestra Madre

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WOW! It's just like in the movies!
Luci! Wake up! We've arrived in Madrid!
Didn't you say you knew how to use the GPS?
These are...
... Pepe...
… and Luci.
And in order to get to know them better, we have to go back to the beginning.
The Espina brothers have always been known for being the weirdos in their hometown.
Mostly because their father,
a famous fashion designer who is still stuck in the eighties.
What the hell are you dressed up as?
The Movida style! (Madrilenian scene fashion trend)
Is that some sort of cult?
They've always wanted to fit in.
We've been living here for over twenty years and what have we achieved?
Love? Carreer?
We've made some friends, right?
Well, at least we have dad.
Now what?
Dear children If you're watching this it means that…
… I'm six feet under.
Which kind of sucks.
But I didn't want to leave you without…
… letting you know that…
… I lied to you.
Your mother wasn't killed by a bull.
Your mother is…
And this is how Pepe and Luci found out that…
… their mother is still alive and lives in Madrid.
So join them on their journey...
"The Movida" begins here
I gotta pee! I gotta pee! I gotta pee! I can't hold it in!
How do you picture her?
I don't know. Pretty. Lively. With a skyscraper.
Not Madrid! I mean mum!
Do you ever feel like everything you do goes wrong?
As if someone placed a curse on you?
As… as if you had some sort of bad omen?
I don't.
How creepy.
(Woman shouting) I'm so fucking tired of this!
This is not a whore house!
Next time I will kick you out of the hostel as well!
I've put up with you enough!
Don't be bullshit me…
… I know you well enough.
If it's another one of your customers tell him to not fuck with me.
That would be extra!
What do you want?
This is Charini.
Ocupation: Prostitute.
Hey handsome! Nice bubble butt you got there!
I would even eat the corn on your feet!
Such style!
Call a plumber because I'm leaking!
Follow me.
And just so you know, staring at my butt is free of charge.
Thanks goodness that wasn't her.
Because with a dead father and a whore mother we would be...
Orphans of a whore!
This is Maya.
Yes. The mother.
She abandoned her children to become a eighties scene popstar.
A one hit wonder.
Her most successful song: a plagiarism.
"Jumping up and down.
I spend the whole day jumping up and down.
And my friends in the mean time…
… keep on bouncing".
Here it is the bitter old granny.
You! Little red ridding hood! I won't take more shit from you!
This is a decent house!
Twenty euros per night.
No, no, no, no, no. In fact we're here to tell you that…
We wanted more information about the hostel but it's fine.
We'll take it.
Second one on the left.
Hey! You need to sign!
Did you see her?
I'm sure Cruella De Vil is more enthusiastic about being a mother than she is.
I know.
But we are gonna try talking to her again, right?
Some other time,
it's obvious that she's going through a rough time…
… and we need to focus on finding a job here.
At least the hostel is not that bad.
(Rat squeaking)
Tomorrow we find another place to stay.
Five issues later and they still haven't published my article.
Err… Where's Maya?
Maya this early? Fixing herself up
What's the deal with her?
Just ignore her, she doesn't understand anything.
Is she deaf?
No. Just foreign.
Why don't you two sit down?
It happened!
It's over!
Say no more!
They're cancelling "Crime Stories"! That was predictable.
No! Look!
I have feeling that it's a eviction notice... (EVICTION NOTICE)
… don't ask me why?
T-to… t-t-the… att…
To the attention of Mrs. Maya Lopez Marina
Oh! That's you!
Due to your current debt situation…
… Public Administration informs you that…
… in the next….
OH F**K!
Oh! They're gonna take the hostel from me!
Tell me when! WHEN!? WHEN!?
It's all smudged!
That's when we decided to stay.
Yes. In fact, something made us realize that she needed help.
Help me God!
I'm gonna lose my parents' home!
Shut up. You can fix anything in life but death…
… and Atleti (Spanish Soccer Team)
A fix?
Of course! Suso from room four.
Suso. I need to talk to you.
Come on damn it!
By the time you get out I won't recognize you anymore.
This is Suso.
Well, not this.
Strontium stay.
This guy.
A very dedicated inventor.
Asshole! Dickhead! Bitch!
Suffers from Tourette's!
I'm trying to recreat a super nova.
Oh, I can see that you're making the most out of your internship at BP.
Let see how bright you are and fix this.
I'll fix it.
Oh gurl, me first.
I have an important customer and I can't receive him with my beaver coat on.
Sure, I don't mind.
I gotta pee! I gotta pee! I gotta pee!
Luci you won't believe this.
I just ran into some crazy guy who started to insult me for no reason.
Between this, the whore and our drunken mother…
… it's like we're stuck in a movie by Almodovar.
So I'll have to tell him I want to know "All About My Mother"
so he can "Talk To Her".
Luci did you get it?
Luci… Luci…
How are you feeling?
Pepe already told me what happened and...
Don't worry girl!
My legs may spread easily but my mouth is shut like a padlock.
And when I told her our story I may have exaggerated a little.
Just a little?
… and every St John's Eve they chased us down to burn us to the stake
Oh my poor children You've put up with so much
Ok, we'll let her know some other time…
… because she's going through a lot now with the eviction.
Maya a mother.
I should have known…
… for all the times I read her the tarot!
Thank you so much and sorry about this little incident.
Yes. If there's anything we can do for you.
Oh, no, no. Don't worry about it. I don't wanna bother you.
The only problem is that I'll lose my best costumer.
Unless you two…
no, no… because you don't know the business…
Even though you would look…
Are you sure about this?
How can I be sure?
This is close to incest.
We fucked up.
Everyone get out.
Get out! Get out!
First we get our car stolen…
… then we come to meet our mother and she kicks us out…
… and on top of that Gus-Gus doesn't show up.
You named the rat?
I'm getting out of here
Ok! We're leaving! Just like this!
You're naked Pepe
Yeah, even better. I may come from a small town…
… but my balls are well placed and if someone is gonna see them…
… let them see them
You are right! Lets not be intimidated anymore!
This woman is gonna realize who her children are!
And see what she's missing!
Above all is our dignity and our fathers'!
I'm tired of all of you! You are all disgraced!
And I'm the last monkey!
You show no respect for me!
Oh girl don't get all worked up.
They didn't do anything wrong, poor things!
Did you see how they danced?
You can't say they got it from their mother
Do you know their mother?
No… no… I mean yes… I mean… sometimes…
Well then let her deal with them! I just want them out!
No! You can't kick them out!
I can't? Why not?
Because… because…
… because they are my children.
And the Oscar goes to…
I got it! I got it!
We get evicted in… in…
When? When? You fucking lunatic just spit it out!
Bitch! Shit! Cocksucker!