2013 NES Reduced Gravity Opportunity Announcement

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Earlier this year, it was all systems go for the recipients
of last year's School Recognition.
"Three, two...go!"
"Dude this is awesome!
Teachers from across the country found themselves upside down
and turning round and round on one
of the most unique weightless experiences in the world.
"Okay turn it."
From yoyos to sophisticated experiments,
everyone had their chance
at putting their theories to the test.
"Look at Emma, look at Claudia, whew!"
"Yeah man!"
"We're flying our remotely operated vehicle here
in zero gravity."
Congratulations to our 2012 School Recognition recipients.
"That was so cool!"
Beep and static
It's official, The NASA Explorer Schools Project announces this
year's schools selected for recognition.
These schools showed exemplary classroom practices
and innovative use of the NASA Explorer Schools resources
to engage students across the nation in STEM activities.
Teachers from each
of the selected schools will conduct a series
of STEM investigations in their classrooms
and then compare those findings in reduced gravity.
"We're doing the electrolysis of water and we're doing it
by centripetal force."
There's no greater opportunity for teachers to put science
to the test than in a real world NASA setting.
Check this out.
"Today we are going to take you aboard NASA's reduced
gravity flight."
Explore the wonders of weightlessness.
NASA Explorer Schools recognizes your innovation
and best practice of NASA Content with the use
of this unique professional development experience.
"Good science, good fun."
Challenge your students
to conduct an investigation in the classroom.
"Starting test!"
And then you can perform
that same experiment aboard NASA's reduced gravity aircraft.
"This is for my students,
we learned about simple systems, there's the yo-yo.
Teachers will travel to Johnson space center for one week
to train and then fly on an aircraft specially designed
to study the effects
of microgravity on physical science.
"I am having so much fun, I've been excited about this
for a long time, and it's everything
that I thought of, even more."
"Thank you NASA Explorer Schools and all our members
of our school community.
It's been an awesome experience up here.
Thank you."
Congratulations to all the NASA Explorer Schools
recognition recipients.
Woodrow Wilson Middle School.
Glendale, California.
Forest Lake Elementary.
Columbia, South Carolina.
Mountview Road Schoo.
Morris Plains, New Jersey.
Fairport High School.
Fairport, New York.
Corpus Christi Catholic School.
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Franke Park Elementary School.
Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Congratulations to all our winners.
NASA Explorer Schools has provided resources and materials
to 3500 educators from almost 1900 schools from all
around the United States and across the globe.
NASA Explorer Schools invests in science, technology,
engineering, and math educators to inspire
and engage a whole generation of future scientists, engineers
and technicians that NASA needs to continue our journey.
For the benefit of teachers joining us for the first time,
there's no better time than now to register
for NASA Explorer Schools.