Take Back Your Life Webinar Promo

Uploaded by ItsMyLifeInc on 21.12.2012

Hi this is Melissa Heisler, a life and business coach for It’s My Life. And I invite you
on January 14th for a free webinar on how to take back your life. I spent many years
myself dissatisfied with my life, I was unhappy ; I was unhealthy; I was stressed – and
through this experience which I will lead you on on the 14th, my experience of going
from a type-A to really uncovering Type-ME. And in doing so I created, I uncovered these
daily habits of living type-me. the habits of awareness, acceptance, alternatives and
action have really changed my life for the better. I’m no longer living someone else’s
life. I’m no longer giving my energy away to my job and not having anything left for
me. I’m no longer giving my energy away to obligations and others and leaving myself
depleted. But now I am whole, and I am Type-ME and I am loving my life and I love to help
others to also use the daily habits of type-me to take back their life. So I encourage you
to join my on January 14th to learn more about the Type-Me habits and how they can help you
take back your life. www.itsmylifeinc.com/online-event