Motorcycle Helmet Visors - Do it Yourself Maintenance - Video Guide: Tip of the Week

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 04.11.2010

KB: Kyle Bradshaw from Cruiser Customizing, Greg Beck of Tucker Rocky with this edition
of Wednesday with Greg. We've had lots of issues with bugs, rocks, and dirt, and all
kinds of stuff like that, and our face shields or visors are great assets.
GB: True. A good visor is, it's safety, it's enjoyment. If you got a dirty visor, you can't
see where your going, you can't enjjoy yourself. You've got a problem.
KB: The one that I'm running into in this particular is I'v got hit in the shield with
a huge bumblebee. This bumblebee have lots of dirt stuck through it,and when I wiped
off the shield, there's huge scratch marks across the visor. I probably should have done
is with a special visor and a rag that will clean them appropriately.
GB: Or gone to a restaurant and ran clean water over it. Some bugs, when they hit your
windscreen;some will harden pretty quick, and if you wipe them, they tend to scratch
your shields. Some shields are more sensitive than others. Clear water's ultimately the
best thing to wipe your shield, all manufacturers would condone that. If you use Windex or a
treatment and they don't like it, you use Plexus but you can't use that. Clear water
works all the time.
KB: Awesome. The other thing that I would like to talk about is to tint the shield.
Most of them are called clear shield, somehow there's light tint, dark tint, you go to really
know what's this on your helmet right here.
GB: This is a mirrored shield. The reason I like mirrored shields is, in the clear shield
light shines through the shield, and you look out and you see exactly what it is or this.
When you have a smoke shield, it diffuses the light but you're looking through smoke.
With a dark shield, your light is diffused even more, and so is your vision. With a mirror
shield, I don't care who makes it, the light is refracted, it's bent, so light goes through
less,and when you're looking out you're looking through the equivalent of a light smoke. The
bad part is, some people are sensitive to the reflection that is reflected back inside
your helmet. You can see yourself sometimes. Some are better than another. This one's pretty
KB: Awesome. Basically what Greg is trying to say is when you get light it is refracted
out and you see yourself inside the helmet, as if you're looking back at yourself.
GB: Yeah, some people are sensitive. I'm not. I don't really care. Carrying a spare shield
sometimes is a smart thing to do. Take an old sock, put it over your shield to protect
it, pack your shield away; it won't take a lot of room when you pack it more than your
clothes, and then it's pretty easy to change the shield. Sometimes you have to clean it,
so a spare shield is just a good thing to have.
KB: And when you're using two shields you rise to have a dark tint, and a clear visor.
You get them out when it starts to become twilight.
GB: A smart thing to do if you have a new helmet is when you go on a trip, practice
taking the shield on and off. There's nothing more frustrating is when you're on the side
of the road, and when you change it and you part way through and it's *sproing*. Problems.
Practice when you're home in a contolled environment, and if you don't know how to do it, go back
to the motorcycle dealer where you bought the helmet at, and say "Hey, can you please
show me how to this?". Or go online, I know Ryan who's done stuff for us too, they'll
show you how to do it.
KB: Changing your visors absolutely a necessity and knowing how to do that quickly and perfectly
is definitely something that you must learn.
GB: Yup.
KB: In addition to extra visors, there are some things in the market that are quite unique.
You got the pedlock. That's the system where you put two pins in your helmet, you basically
have a two-pin effect plus flip open windows which keeps your visor from fogging out. In
addition to running a fog-free scenario, that particular set has different colors and sizes.
as in shields. You can run one shield, swap out the pinlock units, you can rom light,
mirrored, clear, anything you like.
GB: Yeah, or Fog City makes one too. You can turn it into a thermopane window. It's self
adhesive to put it in and, voila, you got fog free. A manufacturer makes one like that
is light sensitive so it goes lighter, darker, as it is in the sun. All those are good if
you can install it properly.
KB: Take a look at your helmet. Find out what visors or options that are available for you.
One thing I'd like to mention is all of these components. I lost one of my little vents
on the trip, side plates, vents, anything that's on the helmet, is available as an accessory,
so if you damage one you don't really have to replace your whole helmet. You can get
the pieces that complement all. Our visors and helmet accessories are all available only
here at and Tucker Rocky.
GB: That's right.