Solar Decathlon 2013 Teams

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[Swoosh sound]
>> RICHARD KING: Last year's decathletes were special. They set the bar high. That makes
the next Solar Decathlon even harder to win and more exciting to be part of. The university
teams applying to the 2013 event started working on their entry proposals a year ahead of time
because entry is so difficult and competitive.
Today we are pleased to announce the selections! I'll start with the California teams. Boy,
I wish I could be there to see their reaction when their names are called.
>> RICHARD KING: Santa Clara University
>> STUDENT 1: Welcome to the heart of the Silicon Valley. We are Santa Clara University.
>> STUDENT 2: We are going to win because we're the best.
>> STUDENT 3: We have fantastic resources, a great group of engineers, and we have the
diehard motivation.
>> STUDENT 4: One of the main reasons I chose to go to Santa Clara was because of the solar
house, so I was so excited that we made it into the 2013 competition.
>> STUDENT 5: That has such national and international attention.
>> STUDENT 4: We've already made connections with companies around the Silicon Valley.
>> STUDENT 2: We're the only team competing in 2013 that has placed. We took third place
in the 2007 and 2009 competitions, and we plan to take first in the 2013 competition.
>> STUDENT 4: I think the other teams are going to have to bring their top game for
this competition. Otherwise, they're going to be in last place.
>> RICHARD KING: University of Southern California.
>> STUDENT 1: Hey mom,
>> STUDENT 2: Thanks for calling me back.
>> STUDENT 3: Yes, Mom, I got your cookies.
>> STUDENT 4: Anyway, you're never going to believe this.
>> STUDENT 5: Remember how I told you about
>> STUDENT 6: the Solar Decathlon competition we have been working on?
>> STUDENT 7: Well, we just found out that USC has been accepted!
>> STUDENT 8: We have been working on it for several weeks already.
>> STUDENT 9: But it is a relief to know that we are in it now.
>> STUDENT 10: Everyone here is so excited.
>> STUDENT 11: The whole school is supporting our team.
>> STUDENT 12: Hey, sorry, but I gotta run.
>> STUDENT 13: My instructor is calling.
>> INSTRUCTOR: Can everyone stop celebrating and get back to studio and work on this thing?
>> RICHARD KING: And Stanford University.
>>STUDENT: As a first-time competitor, we've already hit the ground running, and we've
made significant progress in the past few months. We don't want to just design a house
that wins the competition; we've set our sights on a much higher goal, an idea that will really
change the building industry. For now, I think our excitement is controlled; it's embodied
in the way we professionally collaborate, the way we brainstorm, and the way we manage
our responsibilities. But … every once in a while, we'll let it show.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Go, Stanford!
>> RICHARD KING: Missouri S&T.
>> STUDENT 1: Refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh. Dear God.
>> STUDENT 2: We made it into the Solar Decathlon!
>> STUDENT 3: Hey guys, guess what? S&T made it into the Solar Decathlon!
>> STUDENT 4: Hey, so, we just made the U.S. Solar Decathlon.
>> STUDENT 5: Nice.
>> STUDENT 4: Can I have your number?
>> STUDENT 5: Sure.
>> STUDENT 6: Hey, we just made it into the Solar Decathlon!
>> STUDENT 7: Hey, cool, we got into the Solar Decathlon, and random people are buying us
flowers! Thanks, man.
>> STUDENT 8: Wait, wait. Hold on!
>> STUDENT 9: We're going to sweep up the competition.
>> STUDENT GROUP: We're Missouri S&T, and we're going to California!
>> RICHARD KING: University of Nevada at Las Vegas.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Team Vegas!
>> STUDENT 1: We're in the desert, baby. This is what we do.
>> STUDENT 2: We're very excited to get in.
>> STUDENT 3: This is great for the engineering college as well as the architecture college.
We're all going to work together and just have a great time.
>> STUDENT 4: It's an amazing opportunity for us to learn and grow from this experience.
>> STUDENT 5: It's great to be involved within the community, to represent the Mohave Desert
and southern Nevada. And it's a good learning tool for all of us.
>> STUDENT 6: I'm glad we're in Vegas. Yeah, very proud.
>> STUDENT GROUP: 1-2-3! Go, Team Vegas!
>> STUDENT 7: Go, team Vegas!
>> STUDENT 8: Viva, Las Vegas!
>> STUDENT 1: We're coming, baby. We're coming for the rest of the teams!
>> STUDENT 9: Go, Team Vegas!
>> STUDENT GROUP: Go, Team Vegas!!!
>> RICHARD KING: Norwich University
>> MYSHKO: Motivation!
>> MIRANDA OTTO: Destiny!
>> VATELLE: Ballin'!
>> CLARK: Yes!
>> BELCASTRO: Booya!!
>> KAITLYN S: Woohoo!
>> KIM LYNCH: Awesome!
>> NEVIN LEARY: We are designing and building everything ourselves.
>> MIRANDO OTTO: It's our responsibility.
>> ALYSSA SCHREMICK: It's our responsibility …
>>MITCHELL MILLIREN: to show that high performance solar power dwellings …
>> NEVIN LEARY: Solar power dwellings …
>> MITCHELL MILLIREN: can be really affordable …
>> NEVIN LEARY: can be both really affordable and just drop-dead beautiful.
>> MIRANDA OTTO: Drop-dead beautiful.
>> BELCASTRO: Drop-dead beautiful.
>> ALYSSA SCHREMICK: And just drop-dead beautiful.
>> AMANDA LARNER: We are going to crack the code of affordable, high-performance solar
power dwellings.
>> BELCASTRO: Oh, yeah!!
>> RICHARD KING: Our two European teams. The Czech Technical University from the Czech
[Phone ringing]
>> RICHARD KING: Thanks, Joe. Hey, congratulations everyone! You have been selected to participate
in the Solar Decathlon 2013!
>> RICHARD KING: And Team Austria.
>> SABRINA NOVALIN: I think all our team is really excited to participate. What do you
think sets us apart from all the other teams?
>> MARCUS JONES: I think we have a unique perspective.
We have a lot of technical capacity. We have a very strong team filled with architects
and engineers. We are coming from a more European background, and I think that sets us apart,
Austria has a very long tradition in history, especially in passive house and solar energy.
Our team is going to win because we are very dedicated to the goal.
As a first entrant in this competition, I think we have a lot to prove.
That's gonna really motivate us.
>> SABRINA NOVALIN: How would you describe our Decathlon house?
>> MARCUS JONES: Efficient. Aesthetic. Built to last.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Team Austria!
>> RICHARD KING: West Virginia University.
>> Interviewer: What was your initial reaction to being accepted into the 2013 Solar Decathlon?
>> STUDENT 1: Yay!
>> STUDENT 2: After this competition, you'll be saying “West Virginia? You mean like
green energy from WVU?”
>> STUDENT 3: All right. So, why are we doing this again?
>> Interviewer: We got accepted into the Solar Decathlon.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Wait. What?
>> Interviewer: WVU got accepted into the Solar Decathlon!
>> STUDENT GROUP: Oh, my God! We did it! Oh, my!
>> STUDENT 4: It really is an accomplishment to actually be accepted into this because
it is our first time.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Let's go, Mountaineers!
>> RICHARD KING: Team Capitol DC.
>> STUDENT 1: Today we found out that we actually got in the competition, and it's going to
be in Irvine, California.
Tim … Charlotte … Corin … Amanda. And we're the architecture students from the Catholic
University of America.
I'm Jeremy. I'm Bryant. I'm Claire. I'm Bobby. And we're proud to be building a house for
a veteran. We're donating it to the organization of Solider
Hi, I'm Katie. I'm Kyle. I'm Kristen. And we're Team Capitol DC, and we're going to
And the fact that we got selected as one of 20 teams is absolutely incredible.
Not only are we focusing on the Solar Decathlon but we have a real client in mind.
Our team's going to win because we are not only designing a house for an actual client
but we're having all these integrated technologies. We want to have architecture not just be static.
We want something in motion, something integrated and really shows off our school.
We are involved with George Washington University and American University as well as the Catholic
University. We do represent the nation's capitol and we're excited to show what we have to
>> RICHARD KING: Team Arizona and New Mexico.
>> STUDENT 1: … a passive solar heating lighting approach into the design.
>> STUDENT 2: Well, that depends on what kind of limitations we have on transportability
itself because you know we can use elements of mass.
>> STUDENT 3: We could use cactus. Because a cactus holds a lot of water in its core.
It's actually very rich in water as a plant.
>> ATHENA CHRISTODOULOU: Hey, guys! We got it! We're in Solar Decathlon 2013!
>> RICHARD KING: Team Texas.
>> RICHARD KING: Team Tidewater Virginia.
>> RICHARD KING: Middlebury.
>> NARRATOR: Nestled between Vermont's Green and White Mountains, where a liberal arts
perspective aids in creative problem solving, Middlebury as both a college and a community
sees Solar Decathlon as an opportunity to share our vision about a sustainable future
on a global stage.
>> STUDENT 1: How excited are you for Solar Decathlon?
Maybe I should ask someone else.
>> CAMILLE: I got to participate in the last competition and it was just one of like the
greatest experiences of kind of my life.
And I'm so, so, so excited!
>> STUDENT GROUP: Midd Solar D!
>> RICHARD KING: Stevens Institute of Technology.
>> STUDENT 1: I was grading design reports when I heard the great news.
>> STUDENT 2: I was in the theater when I found out.
>> STUDENT 3: I was sitting in class.
>> STUDENT 4: I was at swim practice.
>> STUDENT 5: The 2013 Solar Decathlon … wow!
>> STUDENT 1: Wow!
>> STUDENT 3: Wow!
>> STUDENT 6: Wow! I am so ready for this!
>> STUDENT 4: It's a teaching home for children and adults,
>> STUDENT 1: A continuation of the classroom.
>> STUDENT 7: Families are going to learn from our home.
>> STUDENT 6: Learn how to save energy,
>> STUDENT 3: How to maximize efficiency,
>> STUDENT 2: How to go green.
>> STUDENT 6: It's going to be incredible.
>> STUDENT 8: From innovation to redefining excellence.
>> STUDENT 5: From our vision
>> STUDENT 4: To the global community
>> STUDENT 7: A smarter today
>> STUDENT 6: A smarter today
>> STUDENT 1: A smarter today
>> STUDENT 3: For a better tomorrow.
>> STUDENT GROUP: Stevens Institute of Technology!
>> RICHARD KING: Team Kentucky and Indiana
>> CRAIG: Hey, everybody!
>> JUSTIN: We did it!
>> HUNTER: Yeah. I can't wait to go to California because I am freezing!
>> CONNOR: Oh, my gosh! This is amazing!
KELSEY: I'm so excited about this competition. I started two years ago. In 2009, I accidentally
came upon this, this competition, called Solar Decathlon, and I wanted to learn more about
it. The more that I learned, the more that I read about it, the more that I wanted to
be a part of it. And I wanted to bring it to the University of Louisville because this
is such a great opportunity for us.
>> SAM: It's a great opportunity to bring the research I've done in the lab to a real-world
application. >> HUNTER: It's really sweet because that's
where we're going in the world. That's what we've got to do.
>> CONNOR: I think we're going to win. I just want to say, because we're awesome!
>> CRAIG: We have the knowledge.
>> MOLLIE: We have the heart.
>> LINDSAY: We have the resources.
>> JEFF: We're dedicated.
>> DANA: We have teamwork. 1 ... 2 … 3…
>> STUDENT GROUP: Teamwork!
>> CRAIG: And mad model-making skills.
>> JUSTIN: Why are we going to win the Solar Decathlon? Why not?
>> RICHARD KING: UNC Charlotte
>> STUDENT 1: Oh, really? Wow. That's great news.
Hi, guys. Congratulations! We got it. Solar Decathlon 2013.
>> STUDENT 2: When we first learned that we got accepted into the Solar Decathlon it was
a great joy because we've had so much fun working on the project thus far.
>> STUDENT 3: This is a great opportunity to allow students from multiple disciplines
to come together to achieve a common goal.
>> STUDENT 4: Something I've been looking forward to for a really long time, and we're
looking forward to showing you what we have to offer.
>> STUDENT 5: We can put the entire university on the map on a national scale.
>> STUDENT 6: And of course being able to reach out to the communities about the sustainable
>> STUDENT 7: Even more excited about going to Southern California.
>> RICHARD KING: Finally, our two Canadian teams. University of Calgary.
>> STUDENT 1: We are Communications.
>> STUDENT 2: We are Architecture.
>> STUDENT 3: We are Sponsorship and Finance.
>> STUDENT 4: We are Engineering.
>> STUDENT 5: We are Environmental Design.
>> STUDENT 6: We are Team Alberta.
>> STUDENT 7: We believe in sustainable and affordable living for all.
>> STUDENT GROUP: And we'll see you in California.
>> RICHARD KING: And Team Ontario.
>> VOICE: You're going to California!
>> STUDENT 1: What?
>> STUDENT 2: Wooo! No!
>> STUDENT 3: That's wicked!
>> STUDENT 4: Guys, we got in to SD2013!
>> STUDENT 1: Alright!
>> STUDENT 2: yes!
>> STUDENT GROUP: See you in California!
We're going to California!