Kitesurfing with Susi Mai - Red Bull Airstyle 2012 Dominican Republic

Uploaded by redbull on 06.09.2012

Cabarete is a small town located on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, 20 minutes from the city of Puerto Plata.
I came to Cabarete because my Dad was a windsurfer, and a friend of his discovered Cabarete on vacation back in 1989.
I was 5 years old and I saw Cabarete from the beginning, before windsurfing had been established completely.
I like to start my day with a sport because it makes me feel like I did something with my day, something productive, something good.
What really makes this stand out is that it has incredible conditions for any type of water sport.
In the Red Bull Airstyle we are looking for pure height in air's and the idea is to bring this discipline back to Cabarete,
because aside from being the most impressive discipline it's also what everyone does best here at Cabarete.
They didn't have the motivation for the other annual competition, so then I said, let's make one for them.
Cabarete is like the little town that you send your Grandma a postal card from on vacation.
For me it's my home, with my dog and my family. I have lots of friends and this is something hard to find in another place in the world and I would never leave this place.