Sport Management

Uploaded by bournemouthuni on 14.10.2011

>> So at Bournemouth we have four Sports courses. We tend to split them into two sections. So
we have Management and we have Coaching Sciences. Management is very much based in Business
Studies. So the underpinning theories of business and how this is applied to sport.
>> As the Funding and Communications Administrator here at the British Paralympics Association
we work towards getting our brand out there and engaging it with the general public and
partners.My course was amazing. Sports Management was so varied. It offered me the opportunity
to see different aspects of the industry such as Events Management, Marketing in Sport and
it really helped me get here today.
>> The career prospects for our students once they leave BU are really very good. Many of
our students have been successful in securing graduate training positions, internships and
a lot of our students are going directly into industry. Many of which are jobs built through
their contacts at Bournemouth University through their placement for example.
>> The University gave me a lot of support during the application process for my placement.
I’m on placement at Octagon in London. I work within the athlete and personalities
department. On my CV I think this placement will be very well recognised by employers
because Octagon do have a very good reputation within the Sports Management industry. It
does help that a lot of the athletes we manage are well recognised and well known.
>> Taking on a placement year within my degree was excellent because graduating there are
so many graduates out there but having a 40 week placement already and experience puts
you ahead of the field of a lot of other students.
>> Students should choose Bournemouth for Sport because we very much believe in linking
academic theory with practice. We also provide a challenging environment where the students
can thrive and they can reach their own potential.