Project Sharing

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 25.09.2012

Welcome to the Smoke Learning Channel.
In this video we will be looking how to share clips and sequences between projects on the same workstation.
For example, you might be working on a campaign where you have spread similar productions across multiple projects.
Or perhaps you are using a template-based workflow, where you have one project containing your graphics, elements and presets
that you want to use on a regular basis in all your other projects.
Whatever the workflow, project sharing is a vital part of project management within your facility.
In this example, you are going to learn how to share clips and sequences between projects.
I’ll start off in the Smoke start up screen where I will show you that I have two projects on my system.
“Project A” is my work in progress and “Project B” contains some elements that I’ll need in “Project A”.
So I’ll launch into “Project A” where I have my sources and an edited sequence.
In order to share media between “Project A” and “Project B”, you need to switch to the MediaHub
to access the media management tools.
At the top of the interface, Smoke is normally defaulted to browsing for files in your file system.
Switching to the Project Option, the browser changes modes to enable Smoke to look at other projects.
“Local Projects” are projects on your own workstation.
The “Autodesk Network” shows other Smoke systems on your network and you can share those projects as well.
Looking at “Project B”, You have a small Smoke icon symbolising a project.
Double clicking on this title opens the project to reveal the project workspace.
Double-clicking into the project workspace shows all the folders relevant to this project.
At this point, I like to change the view from thumbnails to the workspace view.
This gives you a similar layout to the media panel.
So if I expand out the media library and its folders, We soon see the graphics folder in “Project B”.
You can now select individual clips or an entire folder and drag it across into the “Project A” media library.
This creates an exact copy of the shared media and its folder structure.
The clips and the folders will still exist in “Project B” and if you wish to delete them,
you would have to go into “Project B” and delete them from there.
This is a safety mechanism so that you don’t accidentally move media around projects
and are not able to find what you are looking for.
Similarly, if you wanted to keep a clip for another production or task, you can also drag a clip or clips,
from the current project’s media library into the shared folders of “Project B”.
So project sharing currently offers a bi-directional workflow.
Once again, these tools are still in development but please feel free to start using the workflows.
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