What Grinds My Gears (Tag)

Uploaded by TheLivingDinosaur on 11.07.2011

This time I’m responding to a tag from Friendough, who’s a relatively new YouTuber and runs
one of the smallest channels I’m subscribed to. He makes regular vlog -style videos sharing
his interesting and thoughtful perspective on all manner of subjects from within and
outside of YouTube, and spices things up now and then with a dash of zesty pwnage. Well
worth a look, I’d warrant, to see if he’s to your taste!
So… anyone who’s watched just a handful of my videos should have a pretty good idea
of what grinds my gears, and in this tag video I thought I’d not only clarify just what
that is, but also give you an idea of why. To do this, it it’ll help if I take a short
trip down memory lane. Since I was a kid I always found that science
came easily to me. I sailed through High School at the top of my classes and came out thinking
that I was the dog’s bollocks. I really did.
University was a bit of a shock, because for the first time I met people that were as smart
as I was, and I actually had to start working hard to keep up. Nevertheless I was still
one of the few who graduated with a first (that’s a 4.0 for my American friends) and
I set off to work on my PhD with a head the size of a creationist’s bag of lies and
visions of Nobel Prizes and hordes of lab groupies somewhere in my future.
But you know how life has a habit of leading you on? So that just as you get to thinking
that you’ve got it made, just as you think that you’re invincible, it comes as a bit
of a shock when she turns around and slaps you in the face as if you’d just put your
hand on her arse? Well very shortly after I started my PhD, she didn’t just slap me.
She kicked me in the balls from a running start, beat the living shit out of me with
a cricket bat and left me in the gutter, pissing blood and spitting teeth.
You see, in just that one Institute I met dozens of people who could wipe the intellectual
floor with my sorry arse and not even break a sweat. It really was quite a vicious introduction
to reality, and it took quite some time for my ego to recover from the brutal thrashing.
To rub salt into the wound, I also met several Nobel Prize winners, and personally now know
at least two people who have a good shot at one in the not-too-distant future. Unless
you’ve met and talked to one of these people, it’s impossible to describe the magnitude
of the intellects that we’re dealing with here. These are pure freaks of nature. Leviathans
of the mind. It really is a humbling experience to meet the kind of people that are the real
engines of human progress. So what really grinds my gears is when some
ignorant fuckwit gets it into his head that reading a few articles on Answersingenesis
means that they actually have something substantial to contribute in areas such as evolutionary
biology, chemistry, cosmology or geology. Their utter lack of humility; their complete
inability to even consider that maybe, just maybe, someone a little more informed and
intelligent than them might have already flushed their so-called ideas down the pan; their
gleeful reveling in their ignorance of their own stultifying ignorance; all of this doesn’t
just grind them – it’s strips the bastards bare.
You see, the science that these oafishly inept little mother-fuckers seriously think they
can debunk by doing something as inane as pointing at a coelacanth and claiming that
it hasn’t changed in millions of years, is the same science that has been scrutinized,
vetted, corrected and approved by minds whose enormity they don’t have the mental faculties
to grasp. Even the handful of pathetic incompetents whose books and lies they trot out to support
their limp, flaccid arguments are mere cockroaches scurrying blindly around in the shadows of
giants, and yet these feeble-minded simpletons still strut out into public and smugly proclaim
them to be genii when in reality they wouldn’t recognize one if they rammed a hardcover copy
of the Origin of Species roughly up their arse. I have absolutely no patience for any
of them, and even less respect, and would venture a tentative guess that this perspective
may occasionally tint the approach I take to making my videos.
OK. Now that it should be perfectly clear exactly what prevents me from adequately depressing
the clutch, I’m going to pass this tag on to the following YouTubers. these are some
of the nicest and calmest people I’ve met on this website, so I’d be very interested
in what they have to say on the subject.