Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Evaporator Motor (Whirlpool Part # W10189703)

Uploaded by partselect on 15.02.2012

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today, we’re going to show you how to change the
evaporator fan motor on the refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. All you’re going
to need is a quarter inch nut driver and a pair of need nose pliers. Let me show you
how we do it.
The first step in this repair will be to pull the refrigerator out fair enough to get behind
it, as well to get disconnect the power. Next we’ll open the freezer door and remove all
shelving. Next we’re going to remove the evaporator cover, there is a total of 13 quarter
inch hex head screw is that we want to remove on both sides across the top and take the
next two off just to give us a little more movement.
Now with all the screws removed we can lift up on the upper portion, tilt the bottom on
the cover out, turn it side ways and we can remove it. Now access the evaporator fan motor.
Now the cover removed and the evaporator motor exposed, let’s see those remove the ground
wire from the top and the two wires from the motor.
Next we’re going to remove the two mounting screws that secure that bracket to the fan
housing. And then we’ll just lift the evaporator fan motor way out. Now that we have the evaporator
fan motor assembly on a suitable work surface. First thing we’ll do is remove the fan blade,
just pull it off the shaft. We’re going to remove two quarter inch hex head screws.
Now we’ll separate the front half of the bracket just pull that off and pop the motor
out through the back.
Now the new motor is well slightly different, the terminals are on the opposite side and
the ground terminal as well. We could put it in in this manner, but it tends get it
up a little too close to the upper housing. So what I will suggest we do is remove single
Philip screw here that holds the ground terminal and remove that over to the other side, just
remove the one screw first and then reinstall it, hold motor together, and we remove the
other side and install that ground clip.
We are going to point it away from the windings of the motor, so we’ll point it straight
out, and tight that screws securely, now the motor will fitted in to the existing rubber
grommet, and install the front bracket, reinstall the quarter inch screws, and we reinstall
the new motor the terminals to the windings on the motor will be on the opposite side,
but there is a enough harness here to connect to those.
The ground terminal is one of those shortest lead on it, now it’s in proper position.
Lastly we will install the fan blade, it’s to be pressed it on to the shaft until bottoms
out. Now we’re ready to reinstall the motor. Now when installing the new evaporator fan
motor, we want to make sure that the locating tabs on each side of that bracket line up
with the appropriate holes on the evaporator fan housings.
The new evaporator fan motor, right, first of all locate the bracket on one side on the
other with the little locating tab. And we’ll secure with one screw and make sure the other
side is lined up properly and secure it. The new grounding tab is in slightly different
position than the original, so we need to bend that enough to get access to it. And
then we’ll install the ground wire, make sure it fit snugly on the terminal.
Wires to the motor are on the reverse side now, we’ll need to gain a little bit of
length in that harness, and again make sure that they are on there snugly. Now we’re
ready to put the evaporator cover on. Now we installing the evaporator cover we need
to make sure that we hock the top of it over the marine brackets, but also slide the leading
edge up underneath the upper panel. And the bottom should fit inside the drain pan.
Now we’re ready to reinstall the shelving. And we can reconnect the power and our repair
is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching, and good luck with your