MeShow Studio !

Uploaded by DavidMeShowFR on 25.06.2012

Hi ! Today we are in a new place. We are in my house.
We are in the Studio because of course I build a Studio since it's my dream.
I'm gonna showing you this new place in this video. Right now I'm only showing my big face so I will turn around the camera now.
Tadam !!! Then this is the main desk. I gived the plans to my dad and he built up this desk.
Here is the place where I have the computer. I still need to change some things but you can see how it looks. The computer is really quiet !
Now we can see a view of the complete desk. This is my new Keyboard Novation with more notes and more settings. My dual screens.
Big new here, a Kemper Profiling Amplifier ! With that you can profile the sounds of real amps and stock them into that box. It's really magic !
Here is my audio device that you already know. This is my Preamp and my Compressor. My audio monitors that you already know and my lights.
Behind is the Home Cinema Theater that I did not really wanted... but It was included in the house.
Here is the wall with all my guitars ! I was not expecting that look at beginning... you recognize all of those guitars right ?
Here it is the video space where I'm gonna record my videos. I'm going to add a green screen with more spotlights on me.
Here, it's a place to stuck my gears like my tripods, stands and microphones.
Now we enter the next room... it's only a small room for relaxing maybe ?
I really like that room ! Nice lighting ! It's relaxing ! The sofa was also included with the house. Here it's going to be a room to record videos and to make my workouts.
Oopsss the light ! The light !! The light !!!
So it's a preview of my Studio where i'm going to record my new songs soon.
Like you can see... I don't have any bedroom, kitchen or bathroom... then I don't sleep anymore, I don't eat anymore, I don't go to bathroom anymore... But I play music ! Only music... yes !
Sometimes I sit on a chair and I make some circles... ahah Not but more seriously, I'm going to have a lot of fun right here ! Rock'n'Roll ! Yeah ! See you !