Final Fantasy XI Arch-Omega (New Limbus Level 99)

Uploaded by Pysnegnup on 11.07.2012

Hi everyone! Today we're back on Final Fantasy XI for a new video on the new Limbus!
Last week we did Arch Ultima, which was the new boss from Temenos
Today we're doing Arch Omega, which is the new Boss from Apollyon
Like for Ultima, it's just a new version of Omega which is much like the Level 75 Fight
And just like back in the old days, Omega is easier than Ultima
This time no such thing as a Death Ability or thing like that
He's really simple and will only need between 1 and 2 party, but it's probably possible to do it with only one party
The only dificulty of the fight is like back on the Old Omega
One of the ability he'll usualy use, will not only do dammage but also reset hate
It's the only thing that can be complicated for Mage
This version will use Double Attack everytime, and he'll also use 2 Ability is a row during the battle
The boss has 2 mode just like Proto-Omega
The first one is with 4 Legs, it's the current one
And one mode with 2 Legs, which he will do really soon
I don't know if you did the old Proto-Omega fight back in the days
In the Original Fight, Proto-Omega could change mode whenever he wanted, and go from 4 Legs to 2 legs
Since he was much stronger with 2 legs, depending of the Party, we might had to kite him sometime untill he get back his 4 Legs Mode
But this time it's not possible
This one will stay with 4 Legs only during the first 25% of his Life
Then once he'll be under that, he'll switch to 2 Legs and will stay that way during the whole fight
Under this mode, he'll get a big resist to Magic, this is why mage that do mostly Damage Spell
Such as the Black Mage, aren't really the most usefull jobs for this fight
Some of his Ability will be increased in new version more powerful
And he'll also get new ability that can do lot of damage
During the fight against Proto-Omega, he could summon Gunpods
They're the small Flying Ball we could find at sky,
And which look a lot like the Training Ball For the light Saber in Star Wars Episode 4, if you saw the movie
It used to be really great because when Proto-Omega made pop these Gunpods
When they were killed it was possible to get items that would give us access again to Proto-Omega without having to redo limbus
this is why Linkshell usualy kept him alive to Farm these Gunpods
This time it's not possible because it's a new version of Gunpods which will have an ability
It's Called ElectroCharge, they'll use it after 10 secondes
And it works a little like Self-Destruct from the Bombo, and it can do much dammages
This is pretty much everything i can tell you about this boss
Once again it's not that hard and if you can find a few people, it can be a really nice fight to do
About the drops, it's like Arch-Ultima, he has 2 Melee set, one new set, we'll have to trade the Arch-Omega part
And a items to get the AF+1, or by trading him the part with the Homam armors, he'll give us a High Quality version of Homam
At level 99 it's still a very good armors!
I'll leave you watch the rest of the fight alone, it shouldn't be long before the boss fall
I hope you liked this video and if you wanted to try this boss, i hope it helped you!
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