CGRundertow 007: EVERYTHING OR NOTHING for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 08.08.2012

I’ll spare you the history behind the consistent atrociousness that has come to define video
games based on movies. E.T. almost killed gaming altogether in 1982, they are still
pretty crappy in 2012...blah, blah, blah.
In other news, the sky is blue, grass is green, Kate Upton is the next step in human evolution.
These are scientific facts proven by light, chlorophyll and swimwear with a keen understanding
of the magic of basic physics.
Of course, there have been some exceptional movie games, none more so than the Nintendo
64 classic GoldenEye. And that’s why this game was so notable
in 2004. Seven years post-GoldenEye, a game with 007 in the title was still being compared
to that classic, so Electronic Arts went with a bold move. Change the perspective, change
the gameplay...change the narrative. Not every Bond game has to be GoldenEye.
Everything or Nothing finally figured that out.
Everything or Nothing is not a first-person shooter. Rather than try to improve on a formula
its series basically created on consoles, this one tries something different. Specifically,
the camera pulls out—which is surprising, because I didn’t think Bond ever did that.
So Everything or Nothing is essentially a third-person action game, and it packs in
as many different gameplay styles as it can. There are driving sequences, intense action
scenes and at its core, a primitive take on the cover-and-shoot gameplay that would come
to define the industry in just a few years’ time.
So there’s a lot to like about Everything or Nothing, but through a modern lens, it’s
impossible to ignore just how primitive its cover-and-shoot mechanics are. This same style
of gameplay has come a long way since 2004, so this does feel a little clunky in comparison.
Bond can only shoot by targeting, for example...there’s no free aim.
Which can target your patience, at times.
Thankfully, the game does a lot of cool stuff that makes its shortcomings a little more
bearable. Climbing down walls is awesome, especially while simultaneously shooting enemies.
And the game packs in a ton of cool gadgets and vehicles to diversify the otherwise repetitive,
somewhat stealth-infused gameplay.
For years, the expectations for Bond games were fittingly everything or nothing. Fans
expected the greatness of GoldenEye, and anything less might as well have been nothing. If for
that reason alone, it was nice to see EA experiment with the franchise in this one. It might not
be the classic GoldenEye was, but Everything or Nothing is an outstanding PS2 action game
And really, that’s all it ever had to be.