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Pottery Barn presents: Organic Living with the Greens
So you drive a hybrid,
recycle diligently,
buy organic produce
and conserve energy.
You want to do
everything you can to live healthfully and organically.
Pottery Barn can help.
You're probably wondering what that means,
let me show you.
Welcome to the organic cotton farm.
Many Pottery barn products: bedding, towels, furniture, and even toys
use organic cotton.
Here they use no chemical fertilizers, instead they rotate crops to build strong soil,
they remove weeds by hand
or with special tools.
And they use no
chemical pesticides.
Farms encourage certain birds and
instance to get rid of crop-destroying pests.
This brings us to the organic cotton manufacturer.
Here they keep a clean non-toxic production line free of heavy metals such as lead and
other toxic chemicals. They whiten fibers with non-chlorine bleaches, and the color comes
from low impact synthetic or vegetable based dyes.
All pottery barn products labeled organic are certified by SKAL or OCIA
international organizations that rigidly certify organic products all over the world.
Oeko-Tex is a German organization that tests and monitors textiles with a focus on consumer health.
Organic cotton products use no chemical finishers or softeners so they will grow
softer with each wash.
In fact almost all Pottery Barn sheets include five percent organic cotton in order
to support the organic movement.
Organic cotton products cost a little more.
Growing support for organic products will cause prices to drop.
So look for our organic products when you shop at pottery barn.
Organic cotton means less chemicals and contaminants,
better for the environment,
better for farmers,
better for communities
and better for you.
The End