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hi i'm renee tucker with spruce st studios and I want to give you a
behind-the-scenes look at the newest items from our rental division
these items are sure to while your guests that sophistication and alex
buyers this is our five th a round table
this upscale table maximizes your seating arrangement eating contest eight
people comfortably promoting a friendly atmosphere
this lightweight table full plath
and evening transport to and from here about
this is our
falling share
this comparable in serious fair at the new level of elegant here that
it's easy to transpire
just folding
finally we offer table linen services to protect your rental samantha exit level
of elegance to your bank
we can also provide delivery setup continued on services as part of your
friends or package so you can enjoy your exams
peseta stressing over the place and have since most people deal with when
planning and hosting an event has first rate see as we pride ourselves in
top-notch customer service and supplying only the highest quality rental chairs
tables and linen
telephone line free rentals forgiving yourself wedding receptions reunions
parties an upscale special about this
to reserve a place for your special date search through streets deals on google
or call two one seven by six x forty fifty five pc industry studios
intentionally though