2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Play with Your Food with Carla Hall

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Carla Hall: It's so good to see you.
Today I'm going to be making vegetable quesadillas.
And here helping me are DeMarco, Sydney and Addison.
And do you guys like grilled cheese?
Children: Yes.
Carla Hall: Is that, like, one of your favorites?
Children: Yes.
Carla Hall: And what about quesadillas?
Child: I love them.
Carla Hall: You love quesadillas?
Do you make them at home?
One of the things that I love about quesadillas,
it's sort of a Mexican version of a grilled cheese
sandwich; right?
But then the thing about a quesadilla is you can add all of
these wonderful vegetables.
So whatever you have available, whatever is in the refrigerator,
whatever your child likes or doesn't like,
if you like it, it can go in, if you don't like it,
it can stay out.
All right.
So I'm going to get started with cooking some of my ingredients.
So I have got some chopped onion here.
So I'm going to put a little bit of oil in the pan.
And do I have heat?
I do have heat.
All right.
So I'm going to add this in here.
Just a little bit.
Okay, and I know -- do you guys like onions?
Child: Yeah.
Carla Hall: You do?
DeMarco: I don't like them.
Carla Hall: You don't like them, DeMarco?
DeMarco: They burn my eyes.
Carla Hall: They burn your eyes?
Okay, well let's put that over there.
But what about, what if you just had a little bit
in there cooked?
Your mama said yes.
Okay, perfect.
And so here we have -- do you all know what this is?
Red peppers.
Do you like peppers?
Sydney: Yes.
DeMarco: I don't like them that much.
Carla Hall: Well, DeMarco, what do you like?
DeMarco is my helper.
This is the perfect helper, because if you don't like
something -- okay, hold on.
Okay, wait, hold on.
Here we have corn.
And you know the great thing about the quesadilla,
all of these beautiful colors.
Do you like this?
What is this?
DeMarco: Corn.
Carla Hall: Do you like corn?
How about you, Addison, yes?
You like corn?
Everybody, DeMarco likes corn!
Go on with your bad self.
And here it's in, it's already cut up but what does
this look like?
Do you know what it looks like?
That's good.
It may be good that they don't know what this is.
No, it's squash.
Do you like squash?
You don't like squash.
DeMarco: I like squash from a book.
Carla Hall: What about squash from a book?
You like squash?
Oh, my God.
Sydney, you're the only one who doesn't like squash.
DeMarco actually likes squash, but that's okay,
because you wouldn't have to put yours in it.
And then we have, everybody, black beans.
Do you like beans?
Sydney: Oh, yeah.
Carla Hall: Oh, I love you!
What about you?
Addison: I like them.
Carla Hall: Addison says he loves them.
Sydney says she loves them.
And DeMarco?
That's okay.
So we have our onions in here.
And what we want to do is cook our onions until they are sweet
and they are translucent.
And so we add those in here.
I'm going to add just a little bit of salt.
And, actually, let's see, would you like a turn to put
salt in there?
Okay, this way and you get to turn this like that.
Two hands.
It's not coming out?
Well, no, it's not.
Hold on.
Okay, take a pinch.
Just a pinch.
And then when you're putting salt in everything what you want
to do is you want to be up here so that when you sprinkle it,
it sprinkles wide.
You also do that with your popcorn.
I'm just sayin'.
And now, okay.
All right.
So these are looking good.
Now, what we're going to do, we have some chili powder.
Do you all like chili?
Children: Yes.
Carla Hall: Oh, my God, three yeses?
Holla, hey, three yeses for chili powder.
So Addison, would you like to put a little bit of chili
powder in here?
Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking at you, Sydney,
but you'll do something next.
So Addison, chili powder goes in there.
What I want to flavor my onion in shake, shake, shake, shake,
great, a little bit over here.
So while I am cooking my onions, I put my spices in there so that
my spices can get toasted and while my onions are cooking.
All right.
So, Sydney, what I'd like for you to do is to stir the onions.
So, mom and dad, do they cook at home?
Look how comfortable she looks.
This is the thing to do when you have your kids and they're
cooking, you get them involved, it's fantastic.
Okay, great.
You can keep stirring.
Now what I want you to do, Sydney,
is to put our black beans in there.
We're going to cook those just a little bit.
That's good.
So she's going to stir those.
So what we're doing now are seasoning our black beans.
So we have a little chili powder in there.
If you want to put cumin in there,
you can put cumin in there.
You flavor it the way that you want to.
The really great thing about doing quesadillas is when you
have a lot of friends over you can put a bar out,
don't worry about things getting messy,
you have all of your ingredients out and let the kids make their
own because they will take ownership.
If they're making the food they take ownership and they love it.
You're doing such a good job.
So that looks good.
And maybe we'll do just another pinch of salt.
You know why I'm doing the salt like this so that I can throw it
and make a wish.
So a little pinch and up high and sprinkle.
Do you see how it just spreads nicely?
A little more.
Okay, great.
And what are we going to do?
Stir that up.
Okay, great.
So we have our beans.
Do you all think it smells good.
Children: Yeah.
Carla Hall: Are you excited?
Children: Yes.
Carla Hall: You see, we have excited kids, we're making food and
they're helping.
I mean, does life get any better than that?
Okay, perfect.
So I'm going to take this out of here and I'm going to put them
all -- I have my beans ready.
Then I'm going to take a paper towel and wipe out,
I'm going to wipe my pan out -- thank you, DeMarco -- all right.
So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to saute my squash.
What I do whenever I am cooking squash if I am making a
ratatouille or if I'm sauteing squash I tend to take the seeds
out, I put a little bit of, just a teeny bit of salt in there and
then, DeMarco, can you pour a little bit of oil in there?
I know, two hands, just pour a little bit of oil.
So what I do is I actually take my vegetables and I toss them
in the oil.
Because when you do it like this you don't have to have as much
oil in the pan.
You just make sure that your vegetables are coated nicely.
Addison, I am coming to you next.
Are you ready?
Addison: Yes.
Carla Hall: Are you cold?
So what I want you to do now that we have tossed our
vegetables in the oil I want you to put them in the pan.
Just pour all of that in to the pan.
Thank you.
Give it a little shake.
So I'm going to cook my -- I still have heat?
Yes -- I'm going to cook my yellow squash.
This can be green squash, it can be yellow squash.
So once you have all of your bits and bobs cooked,
then you're going to put your quesadilla together.
So we're going to cook that.
Our peppers are fine as they are.
And now what I want you all to do is to take a tortilla --
actually, do you know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to toast the tortillas first.
This is how I do it at home in the mornings, honestly,
this is what I do.
When I toast my tortillas, I just throw them right
on the flame.
If you have electric then you can use a grill pan.
I just want to toast them just a little bit.
I'm not going to ask you to do this because it's hot and it's
fire and your parents are right there.
So we're going to do that.
So there is your tortilla, Addison.
We just get this all toasted.
And Sydney, can you open that cheese for me?
You know, the other nice thing about cooking with kids,
honestly, you don't have to do everything yourself but I think
sometimes, sometimes we do all of this work and we're like we
have so much work.
But we have to delegate; right?
There you go.
I'm using whole wheat tortillas.
Sometimes I think using the tortillas are even better than
bread because you don't have as much bread and you have your
tortillas and they're nice and flat and fun.
Now what I want you all to do, just half,
do you see the half of your tortilla?
So you would put a little bit of cheese on half of it.
I mean, you know, enough cheese for glue.
Your cheese is going to be like glue because when the cheese
melts it's going to help everything stick together and so
you will make that like a half of the equator, okay?
How many of you all -- what are your favorites?
Do you all eat quesadillas out there?
Crowd: Yeah.
Carla Hall: What are your favorites?
You have chicken?
You have beef?
What are your favorites?
Crowd Member: Chicken.
Carla Hall: Chicken.
This is -- what about your vegetables?
What kind of vegetables do you put in there?
Mushrooms, peppers, really nice.
Oh, DeMarco, I see you like cheese.
DeMarco: I love cheese.
Carla Hall: You love cheese, yeah, DeMarco, look at you.
Go on with your -- oh, and Addison loves cheese.
Addison loves his cheese.
Look at you, Addison.
So, these, we may have to pretend like these are done.
All right.
Now what I want you to do -- do we have any spoons?
We may have some spoons.
So, oh, perfect, thank you.
So just take a little bit of beans.
The one thing that you have to think about when you're making a
quesadilla is to not overstuff it.
Because if you overstuff it, it's not going to cook evenly.
So just take a little bit.
Let me just take yours, DeMarco.
Just a little bit of beans like that, okay?
Just take some beans, Sydney.
All right.
So we're getting them to eat beans.
Beans are great.
Lots of fiber.
Our bodies need fiber.
I also have some zucchini right here and I'm going to put a
little bit of oil on here.
And a little -- oops!
Thank you, Sydney, you were to the rescue.
I saw 'ya.
A little bit of salt.
And can I tell you guys a little something about salt?
The thing is you have to know how to use salt.
If you go to your class reunion, that's when older people,
they get out of school, they, you know,
they come back and they see all their friends ten years later,
it's a reunion, you see your friends and they keep telling
you, oh, you look so good.
Oh, my gosh, you look so good.
And they keep saying it.
It's really nice the first time.
After about ten times it's not really a compliment.
That's what salt is like.
It's supposed to be a compliment.
You use the right amount, it's a compliment.
You use too much, you're insulting people.
You're insulting the food.
You're insulting everybody.
But you have to control the amount of salt; right?
So we're going to cook this.
Now, you all you have your corn.
Can you grab a spoon, Addison, one of those wooden spoons.
So you have a little bit of corn.
I love this.
I just feel like this is just perfect.
I get to direct -- yes, let's pass that down to you --
and just a little bit.
Oh, look at you, you have like six beans on there.
I love that!
So nice.
DeMarco likes corn.
Nice, nice.
All right.
So they're going to put some corn.
And if you don't want something, you don't have to put
it on there.
Now we have our squash.
If you don't -- you know what?
If you don't want it you don't have to use it.
So you don't want it?
It's okay.
If you don't want it, it's okay.
Anybody want that?
No takers on the squash.
That will be for me.
I love that.
They're like, um-um.
All right.
So, now, any peppers?
Anybody want peppers?
Sydney: I'll take a little.
Carla Hall: You want peppers?
Sydney: I'll take a little.
Carla Hall: You'll take a little.
I love that you are trying something, DeMarco.
Here, here you are.
This is also a great way obviously to get people to try,
you are seeing up live and personal,
up close exactly what happens at home.
All right.
So now what I want you to do, Sydney,
yours is going to go in first.
Just a little more cheese on top.
Just a little.
Here it is, just a little more cheese and then you're going to
fold over your quesadilla.
And so fold it over this way.
DeMarco, okay, great.
I'm going to press that down.
And then I'm going to spray my pan with spray oil.
And are you ready to put it in?
Just like that.
That's going to cook a little bit.
All right.
Now, let me see if can help you make yours.
Do you want to put -- DeMarco, do you want to put yours
in the pan?
Here, hold onto it.
Into the pan you go.
Let me bring the pan to you.
Oh, there you go.
All right.
So now we're going to flip.
Can you get a spatula for me, Addison?
I see you've been in the kitchen.
You know what a spatula is.
That's right.
He sure does.
We're going to flip yours over.
Look at yours, Sydney.
That looks fantastic.
What I love about these is it doesn't take that much oil.
You spray.
You see how much help you're getting in the kitchen?
How many of you all cook with your kids?
Do you want to get a plate?
And then we have to work clean; right?
So here is our trash bucket.
So you have to get and clean that table off.
That's part of the cooking process.
You have to teach cleaning, uh-huh.
We have some dishes later for you to do.
That's right.
The proof is always in the pudding, everybody.
This looks good.
Oh, my goodness.
Sydney, yours is almost ready.
Are you ready to try it?
Thank you very much.
There's one.
Addison, are you ready for yours?
Addison: Yes.
Carla Hall: Okay, let's fold it in half.
And press it together.
Press down on it like you just mean it.
Look at that, that pressing skill.
Like you mean it, yes, yes!
Can you put it in the pan?
Careful, it's hot.
I think you lost some filling.
Oh, yeah, get that cheese back in there, uh-huh.
Yes, okay, let's press it like you mean it.
Ah, ah, got it, beautiful.
So how is yours?
Sydney: Good.
Carla Hall: Is it good?
Are you going to try -- oh, share and share alike.
Do you like it?
Well, let's see if you like yours.
Here we go.
See how we share and we share alike.
Here we you go, you guys.
Let's taste that.
You taste this one.
The thing to remember about quesadillas is that you can put
whatever you want to put in them.
Whatever leftovers it's a perfect meal for Fridays,
for casual Fridays for your kids.
When you have chicken or beef or vegetarian and you just cook
everything first, you lay it out to have a nice little bar and
just get your kids involved.
Is that yummy?
Oh, look at you.
I think you ate, I think you ate something that you thought you
didn't like, DeMarco.
I think so.
So Addison, can you clean up your part of the table.
Uh-huh, that's right.
That is so good.
Look at you.
You guys have some.
Any questions?
Any questions from anybody?
This was all about saying you can let your kids cook and they
will love it and they will eat it.
They will eat even something that somebody else made.
That's awesome.
You guys are great.
Are you ready for more?
Mm-hmm, that's right.
Here we go.
That is may have to cook a little more.
Are you okay?
It will melt a little more if you did it at home and you
had more time.
Great appetites.
Vegetable quesadillas.
Make them for your kids at home.
And I can come up here, if anybody has anything they want
to talk about.
Do you guys have any questions?
What are your favorite foods?
DeMarco: I like hamburgers.
Carla Hall: You like hamburgers?
Addison: Hot dogs.
Carla Hall: Hot dogs.
And French fries.
What about do you like sweet potato fries?
What do you like?
Do you like sweet potato fries?
Sweet potato fries are good for you.
You don't like sweet potatoes?
You do?
DeMarco loves sweet potatoes, everybody.
Let's give him a hand.
You guys, thank you so much.
And thank you for sticking around.
And I want to thank you the volunteers for helping me.
Thank you so much for getting me ready.
And this has been my second year here and I am having a ball.
And I appreciate you and just thanks for having me!
Carla Hall: Thank you, guys, so much.
Thank you.